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If we were to take into account the equipment, devices, items, and electronic articles that have been faked, it would outweigh the volume of the original products, parts, and components in the Aerospace industry.

It’s true that many businesses and organizations do their best to avoid these types and kinds of occurrences. However, the knockoff or the counterfeit industry has grown exponentially, opening the doors and windows of opportunities to fraudsters and scammers.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Creation of the AS6081 Standard

Due to the exponentially growing number of fraudulent, fake, and counterfeit electronic products and parts, the Society of Automotive Engineering or the SAE developed and published the famous and ever-popular AS6081 Standard, monitoring and managing the movement of counterfeit and fake products in the industry.

Through the creation and the publication of the AS6081 Standard, businesses, companies, and organizations were able to establish certain sets, rules, regulations, and policies for the standard. This enforced everything in relation to the Aerospace Standard.

AS6081 and AS5553A

The AS6081 Standard is the specific and the particular standard that prevents the purchasing of counterfeit and fake products in the Aerospace industry – and it’s always correlated to the AS5553 or the general ISO Standard for the prevention of the usage and distribution of counterfeits and fakes.

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