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One of the few best ways to figure out the effectiveness and the efficiency of your suppliers is through conducting a serious and in-depth Supplier Evaluation. A Supplier Evaluation, if you are not in the know, is the process of assessing suppliers, either new or existing, through qualitative and quantitative measures to check and to evaluate the capacity of your supplier in terms of delivery, management, production, services, and so on.

Whatever business you are in, your suppliers will play a key and a crucial role in the success of your business or your operations, and that is part of the main reasons why conducting a Supplier Evaluation is relevant in a business process.

Supplier Evaluation Processes

Different companies, auditing bodies, and organizations have their own ways of Evaluating Suppliers. It’s not an easy process, as a matter of fact, most auditing organizations find it difficult and challenging to maintain the evaluation that they have through data.

To keep it simple, Evaluating a Supplier would include evaluating all of the activities happening within the processes of the supplier. Whether it’s for a business process, a product, a service — or even an intangible system, it’ll all be checked depending on the goal of the audit.

There are many companies that can offer a Supplier Evaluation service but the best one would depend on what you are looking for. Some of the most common methods and approaches for Supplier Evaluation include:

  • Scorecards
  • Visits to the Site of the Supplier
  • Questionnaires
  • Surveys

Is Supplier Evaluation Done to Just Reduce Cost?

More often than not, Supplier Evaluation is used to somehow oversee how companies and businesses can save money by reducing the cost. But, that is not the only essence of it. Other than cost reduction, some of the goals of Supplier Evaluation would also include the management of the supply chain, the evaluation of risk, and the encouragement of continuous improvement and development.

There are organizations that claim to be the best at what they do but they can’t provide essential evidence that supports what they’re claiming. We here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are always open to helping all our clients out with the Supplier Evaluation that they’re looking to have.

For decades, all the professional Auditors and experts under our employ have been substantially trained and educated to go with the trend of today’s businesses. The age and the length of service of an organization are not relevant in the Auditing and the Evaluation of Suppliers because things and factors change on a regular basis.

Why Work With IQC – the ISO Professionals?

Though there are a lot of other Auditing Bodies and Organizations out in the market, working with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals can get you these benefits and advantages:

By performing Supplier Evaluation, not only do you get an insight into what the capacity and the capability of your suppliers are, you get a competitive advantage because of the fact that you’ll be able to acquire knowledge about the quality and the grade of the performance of your suppliers.

Supplier Evaluation sessions don’t just benefit you, it benefits the suppliers too because it can point out some of the things and the standards they’re not able to meet. By doing so, they will have the chance to improve their services so you can have a better time working with them. Performance measurement has a compound effect on the customer, Supplier Evaluation, on a more positive note, can lead to continuous improvements and developments.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, a part of our main goal is to make sure and to give the guarantee to our clients that they’ll be able to identify and eradicate the waste in the business processes that they perform. A big factor for non-improvement is because waste and irrelevant parts and components of a company are not identified and lessened. Through a complete and in-depth Evaluation of Suppliers, you will have a better and more advanced understanding of the performance and the overall capacity of your suppliers in relation to the business wastes that they have.

No matter how stable a certain business or process is, it still has the chance to fail eventually. With the rapid change and growth of many different aspects, we can’t just rely on age-old data to treat and improve how a supplier performs for its clients. However, through Supplier Evaluation, many companies will get the chance to assist suppliers in identifying the drivers that they have; which, in turn, can be the reason for the success of your company or your business.


Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, whatever type of supplier you may have, you can count on us to perform the necessary Evaluation you need. Do you want to see if they are abiding by the contracts you have set? Do you want to check how efficient their services are to see if it can match your needs? We got you!

The Auditors and the professionals under our employ here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are not only excellent locally — we’re also skilled and able to perform Auditing and Evaluation services for our international and multinational clients.

Do We Select Industries?

One of the best traits and characteristics that we have as a company is the fact that we never select the industries that we work with. Unlike other Auditing Bodies and organizations, we do not select or choose the businesses and the companies we want to help.

Whatever business industry you might be in, for as long as you want to make sure that your suppliers are performing in the ways they should be, remember that our experts here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are just one call away.

Contact us through any of the channels we have and experience world-class quality services in a jiffy!

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