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Many people think that documentation or records of a company or an organization are just wastes of a company that aren’t really going to be used for anything. For them, creating these types and kinds of documentation is irrelevant and therefore, should not have their utmost attention.

However, when it comes to the auditing standard, or more commonly known as the ISO 19011, the Creation of Documentation is as important as the implementation and the overall execution and integration of the standard to a certain business process or operation.

Documentation Audit-IQC ISO9001

What Documents Are Needed?

You might be thinking – what are the types of documents needed in this context? How can a company or an organization become more reliable and dependable by creating documentation? Through the recommendations and the overall standard of the ISO 19011, documentation or records are needed and are going to be helpful especially for the future people and engagements of the company.

Quality Manual

The last but most definitely not the least is none other than the quality manual. This is a document that dictates and discusses the intentions and the objectives of the company in terms of how they operate within a given and structured QMS.

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Quality Objective

Also referred to as the set of goals that companies and organizations have for the value of their services, products, and overall processes. This documentation would enlist and would tackle the different objectives that companies and corporations need to have.

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy, on the other hand, is the document that is set and goals to align and to incorporate the purpose or the goal of the organization or the business with the strategic path and direction needed to be undertaken by the company.


Align Your Goals With Your Records

If you still can’t wrap your head around why you need to create these types of records and documents, or if you’re not too certain that you need it, remember that without documentation, a certain policy, scope of work, or competency is not signified.

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