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Body Armor BA 9000

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There are a lot of branches and bodies stemming from the manufacturing industry and one of the most important and the most crucial is the Body Armor (BA) sector. A lot of people are not aware of what this is, even if it’s considered and known as a part of the most vital and the most sought after qualities. The manufacturing, the designing, and the creation of Body Armor is an integral part of any industry that needs it because failure to meet and comply with the standards and the requirements can lead to a heap of faulty and inaccurate work and effort.

In determining the quality and the standards of the manufacturing and the designing of Body Armor, the standard of BA 9000 is existent – and it’s from the application of ISO 9001. In case you’re not aware of it, the ISO 9001 is an international standard that is known for its high-quality requirement and its management standard. Manufacturers who want a certification need to ensure that they comply and conform with what the standards are looking for.

BA 9000 Standard

All other industries have their own standards, the automotive and the aerospace has theirs; energy, forestry, and even the food safety industry all have their standards, too. When it comes to the quality management of the production and the manufacturing of Body Armor – then it’s the BA 9000 without a doubt.

In case you’re wondering what the typical BA 9000 Standards are, here are some of them:

  1. Body Armor Manufacturers need to provide some type of unique identification for each piece and component of body armor that they’re selling – this is to ensure the accountability of their products;
  2. Manufacturers also need to make sure that they provide specific procedures on how they will communicate within the range of the Compliance Testing Program (CTP);
  3. Testing of the products need to undergo and to be done at labs approved by the CTP; and
  4. The work areas and workplaces need to be conceptualized efficiently to avoid negative impacts and effects on the body armors produced.

When we speak of Body Armor, we’re not just talking about the suits and the armors worn by the military – it’s also the same type of Body Armor extended to the local, state, and federal law, as well as the correction and enforcement bodies.

Not Required

The common misconception that most manufacturers and organizations have about BA 9000 is that it’s a solid requirement for them to be able to produce a specific amount for their clients. To be clear, BA 9000 Certification, in any way, is never required or mandatory. However, there are a lot of benefits that can be attached to it and these include:

The main goal of standardization and certification is to reduce the risk for errors, right? So, getting and applying for a BA 9000 Certification can exponentially decrease the risk of committing errors and mistakes in any given business process.

The frequency of the testing can be reduced to more than half if a supplier or an organization is certified. This is because having a BA 9000 Certification is a big deal and it’s a good way to prove the caliber and the quality of the produce manufactured and created by companies. In the industry of certification and consulting, there’s no other company that can imitate what we have done and accomplished here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. We’ve been the most trusted and the most depended on Quality Experts and we can give you the assurance that everything you need, in connection with your industry, will be given to you.

Not Just For Quality Assurance

Getting the BA 9000 Certification does not just relay to the quality of the products manufactured and created, it can also mean many different things including a better and a higher chance of landing more clients and customers, more trust from the market, and an improved and enhanced position over your competitors.

When you choose to work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we’ll not be focused only on how we will train and educate you about standards-based off on the ISO model, we will also help you in terms of applying it to your company or the current situation your company is in. For instance, if you are producing and manufacturing Body Armor for the public sector, we’ll help you in identifying and distinguishing the plans that they have. This saves you time and effort in knowing what you should be doing.


Meeting the Team

Although there are a lot of companies and organizations that can help you with the BA 9000 Certification that you’re looking for, you wouldn’t be able to find another company that can provide the same level and the same caliber of expertise that we offer.

All of the consultants, auditors, and professionals we have under our employ have been trained and signified in the ISO setting and we’ve never heard a negative trait or remark coming from any of them yet. When our service with you ends, don’t expect that we’ll just go and leave you all by yourself, you can expect us to be there to help you especially in times when you are in dire need of it.

Should you ever find your company in a situation where you think you’ll need utmost and urgent assistance when it comes to the creation and the production of Body Armor, do not ever think twice about approaching us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.  You are only one call away from experiencing the highest level of services you can get!

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