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One of the most important parts or ingredients of a business is having a supplier that they can count and rely on. Performing Supplier Audits is technically one of the most crucial things that they can do to ensure that their performance or their operations wouldn’t be scathed. The relevance and the importance of Supplier Audits go a long way – and it’s more than just the process of auditing the supplier for your business.

Relying on Suppliers

Supplier Audits, also known as Second Party Audits, is the auditing that happens when a business wants to check and evaluate the supplier based on the contract that has been rewarded to them. This is important because, without the performance and delivery of suppliers, the business of a certain company might not push through.

Auditing your Suppliers don’t necessarily mean that you don’t trust them, in fact, more often than not, it means the other way around. Suppliers want to be audited because they want to prove to their clients that their work and their processes are legit. Even if they haven’t been certified by a third party Auditing Group or Institution, they’ll be able to prove to their clients that what they’re offering is real and that their goal is to help their clients with their business.


No Certification involved

It is important to know that Supplier Audits or second party audits do not aim to certify or to make a certain company compliant with the rules and the laws of state or federal. Technically speaking, the goal of Supplier Audits is to make sure that the supplier is conforming to the contract rewarded to them.

This tool is used by companies or businesses in strengthening their supply network and quite possibly, to help them craft up better products and services for their customers and clients. New suppliers don’t only mean cheaper costs and expenses – sometimes, it means a poorer and lower quality of services, too.

The Importance of Supplier Audits

Why do companies need to perform Second Party or Supplier Audits? What are the benefits and advantages that are connected to it? Let’s give this one an example – say, you are an owner or an executive of a large restaurant chain.

You do your analyses and you figure out that the reason why the processes and the operational problems arise in your company is because of the suppliers you have. You get on to choose and to work with another supplier. Before you reward them with the contract, you would have to perform a Supplier Audit to check if:

  • They are the company or the supplier you really need or want to work with;
  • They can provide and deliver the quality of the products, components, and sub-components that you need; and
  • Your chances with them are riskier or if they are more effective than the previous supplier that you had before

It’s not always about how cheap or how affordable your suppliers are – you’d also have to consider their capability and their capacity to deliver. In the event that you’ll be falling short of reliable and dependable Auditors, you can go and tap us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the most reliable and the most trusted Supplier Audit Professionals in the industry. All the people under our employ have ISO certifications and you will never regret your decision of working with us!

Benefits of Working With Us

Why choose to work with us instead of other companies who claim that they’ve been in the industry for the longest time? Choosing our experts here at IQC – the ISO Professionals to conduct the Supplier Audits that you need would be the best option you can take.

Generally speaking, other Auditing Bodies and Organizations would focus on one particular thing. That’s not a bad thing, either – however, with the skill and the experience that our auditors have, it’s only a matter of time until you get the answers to the questions you have for your old and existing, and even new suppliers. In fact, here are some of the advantages when you choose us for the Supplier Audits that you want and need:

In Auditing your Suppliers, the thing that you need to care about the most is the documentation. Are your audits reflecting what they’ve written and included in the contract? Document it; are they at par with what legal requirements are? Document it. When you work with IQC – the ISO Professionals, every step of the way will be documented. We never miss anything because we understand that documenting these is one of the ways you and your supplier can be protected.

Studying every bit and aspect of the business of your supplier might not be enough to fully evaluate the supply chain of your business. However, if you perform a significant amount of Supplier Audit, you might just get all the answers that you need. Through a Supplier Audit, you’ll be able to determine and easily see the gaps happening within the process of your supplier in accordance with your business. Whether you’re in the manufacturing, production, transport, engineering, and even the retail industry, knowing the full extent of your supplier’s capacity is what will give you the option or the choices that you need to decide whether or not you’ll go with a specific or a particular supplier.


Whether you want to have a new supplier, or if you are looking to extend the knowledge you have with your current supplier, doing a Supplier Audit will be able to give you the edge. Through it, your company can create a system for suppliers that you can go back to.

Work with the best and the most experienced team of Auditors here with us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Perform the audits you need with a blend of ISO standards and never worry about how you can figure out auditing your suppliers ever again!

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