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Being a business manager, a business owner, or an executive who cares for the company, the business should not be the only thing you care for – you need to ensure the health and the safety of your people and your staff members too.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) refers to the system in which the welfare and the overall health condition of the people at work – the people and the staff members within your workplace. This has been so in-depth and relevant to the point that its origins can be traced as far back as 2007, with as little information as it can.

But What is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)?

We know that it’s the welfare and the health of the workers, but if we look at it deeper, it’s more than just that. From a deeper and a more professional perspective, the OHSMS is actually seen as a constructive approach where the organization would care for the occupational health, safety, and welfare of its staff members and employees.

The standard constitutes sets of rules, policies, plans, processes, and even practices for the prevention of hazardous and dangerous health and safety risks connected to the occupational health of employees.

Uniqueness and Versatility

One good thing about the OHSMS ISO 45001 is the fact that it is not the same with all companies and organizations. It’s different and it will be based on the:

  • Type of organization or business the company is engaged in
  • The number of workers and employees
  • The type of work involved

All of these must be in consideration with the legal requirements of occupational health practices and requirements.


OHSMS ISO 45001 Origins

The bricks and foundation of OHSMS ISO 45001 can be seen since 2007 when the standard was first implemented. In fact, it was known before as the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18001 – and it was a British Standard for the OHSMS.

The OHSMS ISO 45001, following that, was first published in 2018, replacing the standard we once knew of. Prior to the creation and the development of a particular management system, a study has been put in place to further clarify and strengthen the compatibility of the project.

In every business, the risk is everywhere – and we’re not just talking about business or corporate risks, we’re also talking about the dangers, risks, and hazards of the staff members and employees are involved in.

Expounding on what ISO 45001 actually is, we will take a book to cover but do know that it consists of eleven (11) different sections. The main sections of the entire standard include:

  1. Section 4: The Context of the Organization
  2. Section 5: Leadership
  3. Section 6: Planning
  4. Section 7: Support
  5. Section 8: Operation
  6. Section 9: Performance Evaluation
  7. Section 10: Improvement

How ISO 45001 Can Benefit Your Company or Your Organization

From what it is alone, you already know why it’s good for you to implement the OHSMS ISO 45001 for your organization. But, to give you a quick rundown of what advantages are involved, they are:

Some company owners think that it’s overthinking but increasing the insurance and the health perks that you give your staff members and employees will actually do more good than harm. Paying for a bit extra for their insurance can curb a huge amount of penalty if your staff or workers fall for any type of incident or accident – leading to cases, lawsuits, and other scenarios.

Your business, your company is running because of the effort and the dedication of your employees. Without them, your company or your business would be nothing. By engaging with your staff members and your workers more, you get to have a better sense of how important they are in your company and you’ll get the chance to treat them a lot better.

You have a better system, providing a more solid and more secure time for your employees and staff members. This doesn’t just save you cost or trouble, you also get a heightened sense of credibility. When people and interested staff members know about the different services you offer, they’ll be running to you like glue.


Those are only some of the most common and the most sought after benefits and advantages. And, they can be spiked up higher and more if you decide to go with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the leading, top-rated ISO-system-based company capable of providing assistance and guidance to all relevant and essential standards.


You Need Our Help

Many companies will say that they’ve been caring for the welfare of their people enough, but can’t provide even documentation of how they provide this care. With our help here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we would focus less on the lessons and the training – instead, we’ll help you out in terms of the implementation and the execution of the standard to your company or your organization.

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