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In the Automotive Industry, the IATF 169469 standard is known and considered as the most followed in the entire globe. It became the foundation for the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the Automotive Industry.

Akin to any other industry, companies and organizations need to make sure that the quality of their products is at their finest – and they do so through frequent checking and auditing. Under the IATF 16949 standard, it’s clear in emphasizing that the requirement for this approach is largely related in terms of making sure that the quality of the products is in their best conditions.

Based on the IATF 16949, there are core tools; these Automotive Core Tools are deemed and considered as the building blocks of an efficient, effective, and working QMS. They include:

  • APQP or the Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • AQP or the Advanced Quality Planning
  • PPAP or the Production Part Approval Process
  • FMEA or the Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • SPC or the Statistical Process Control
  • MSA or the Measurement System Analysis

The main focus of these methods is crucial in the Automotive Industry – and the reason why they’ve been created is that quality is the number one thing they’re after.

Under this process, a manufacturer will have the chance to prove that the product line that they have is well-fit and well-designed for a specific client or customer. The structured process of the APQP aims to supply and provide a design or a product perfectly fitting to the needs and wants of a customer or a client. This process ensures that the Voice of the Customer (VOC) is of priority.

Precision and accuracy are the two keys to success. In the AQP process, the quality of the product, part, or a sub-component is looked at and is measured through the precision and the accuracy that it has dependent on the needs of a client.

In today’s time, there is countless competition in the industry of Automotive, and not one company will have the fear to fight back. But through the Production Part Approval Process or the PPAP, it defines the overall approval process for parts – whether they’re new, existing, even parts from revised and modified production methods and processes. What it does is it verified and checks with suppliers to see if they have a deep and thorough grasp of the engineering and the design requirements needed in the process.

Under this structured approach, a company or an organization can arrive at pointing out straightforward failures that cab exists within a product, process, or service. By analyzing certain failure modes and effects, an organization can lead to solving the problem from its roots, providing a long-term and permanent solution to the problem that the business is having.

Through the use of techniques in terms of controlling a certain production method or a process, organizations, companies, and businesses can monitor the effectiveness and the efficiency of products, services, and processes. The goal of SPC is to make sure that a process is controlled using statistical and data-driven techniques and strategies.

MSA or the Measurement System Analysis is a process or a procedure that is defined to be an experimental and mathematical method of distinguishing the variation amount that exists within a product or a business process. It is a thorough approach and would most usually have a designed experiment or product that looks toward the identification of various components in the measurement process.

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