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When we think about “compliance,” the first thing that comes into mind is the fact that it’s government-related. Being compliant means that you are duly following the rules and the laws for taxation; that you’re abiding by the regulations set by the federal state, and so on.

However, what most people forget to think about is that compliance is not all about government or state rules and regulations. Being compliant can also mean the conformance of a certain business or a company to an agreement with another company. The most common type of compliance is when a company forms or creates a deal with the government to help with funding.

What are Compliance Audits For?

One of the most common misconceptions is the fact that Compliance Audits is like monitoring the activities, as well as the processes of a certain company or department. To clarify, Auditing is not the same as monitoring – it’s not a continuous and an ongoing process, but rather a scaled, step-by-step process to find answers and evidence of a company following rules and regulations.

As per the ISO 19011:2018 standard, all companies and organizations that perform and conduct auditing of management systems need Compliance Audits. This will serve as the benchmark of success for companies and organizations.

Various Compliance Audits have different goals and ideals, but their overall purpose is to be able to determine and gauge how well a certain company or organization abides by standards set, through contracts that have been awarded, the rules set by the organizations and the companies, and even though the way a certain company or organization follows rules and regulations.

Compliance and Compliance Audits

So how do Compliance Audits start? What are the common grounds for a certain company to be subject to Compliance Audits? In Auditing for the Compliance of a certain company or business, many factors are to be considered.

It can be in relation to security, management of risk, financial, and even Human Resources (HR) issues and processes.


The Goal of Compliance Audits

From its word alone, a Compliance Audit is the type of Audit that focuses on gauging and distinguishing the company’s framework in accordance with how they abide by the rules and regulations set by their state and by the government.

Different business industries have different Compliance guidelines and requirements – and it’s also different from one country, and even from one state to another. Part of it would include the laws of the state or their location, in accordance with their business.

There are a lot of Auditing Bodies and Organizations that say that they’re highly capable of providing exemplary quality Compliance Audits but can’t actually deliver when they are asked to deliver.

We here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are the best and the most dependable Compliance Audit Experts and Professionals can help you with the Compliance Audits that you wish to do. We support and assist all types of businesses in every industry you can think of – and we wouldn’t fail to meet your expectations!

Checklist Forming

When it comes to Compliance Audits, our experienced and specially-trained and Auditing Experts will compose and come up with a checklist detailing everything that they will go through with the Compliance Audits that you’re looking for.

More often than not, the Auditors under our employ here at IQC – the ISO Professionals will be checking everything that’s part of the corners of your company or your business.

ISO Specialists and Experts

If you want to ask for the help and the assistance of auditors who have been trained specifically in the standards of ISO, then you’re planning to pursue the right thing. All our experts have been exposed and honed within the standards of ISO so when they perform audits and evaluations, you need not worry about the quality.

Depending on your location, the type of business, as well as the standards set would be the weight or the seriousness of the penalty should our Compliance Auditors find inconsistencies within the processes and the occurrences within a company or a specific division or department.


What Compliance Audits Are

For simpler terminologies and understanding, Compliance Audits are a form of outward audits from the perspective of the company. Unlike Internal or First Party Audits, Compliance Audits would be done by a third-party Auditing Body to check whether or not a particular company is adhering to rules and regulations; as well as the codes of conduct. Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you don’t need to be afraid of Compliance Audits. You don’t need to fear it because the goal of Compliance Audits is to point facts out, not wrongdoings and errors.

Our Compliance Auditing Services are well known in the industry to have proven a wave of positive activities and energies to clients. As a matter of fact, when we perform Compliance Audits, we go through the checklist we have and we try to correct everything on our way to the bottom. We never subject our clients to penalties right away, we give them ample time to make adjustments based on what we find or figure out.

Why Work With Us?

A lot of companies, businesses, and organizations choose and decide that it’s us they want to work with when it comes to Compliance Audits because they know that the quality of our work is at its best when compared to other companies and Auditing Organizations. Instead of focusing on fact and mistake finding, we usually put more thought into how we will relay the data we get from our service to help companies and organizations adjust with the compliance that they have.

Choosing us would be the best and the most relevant decision you can make because you will get the chance and the experience to get the services you need to be delivered fast and urgently without the quality being compromised Other than that, you can also count and bank on us for we can assure you of the following:

  • Our Auditors are Hands-On
  • We Can Support Your Business Through the Implementation of Training, Consulting, and Overall Improvement and Development
  • We Can Put You Back on Track Through the Compliance Audits That You Need and Want

Contact our pool of expert auditors here at IQC – the ISO Professionals and get the most robust quality of Compliance Audits that you need!

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