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Packaging ISO 15378

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The packaging of medicinal products and devices is among the most important and the most essential parts of it. Without proper and appropriate packaging, these medical devices can either be unsafe or non-compliant to be used for commercial purposes. Companies who engage in the packaging for medicinal products would get a lot of benefits from the ISO 15378 Standard – or also known as the Primary Packaging Materials for Medicinal Standard.

What is the ISO 15378 Standard?

From its term alone, we can already make out what the ISO 15378 Standard is. It’s the standard that talks about and discusses the packaging, as well as the materials that would be used in the packing and storing medicinal devices and products.

The standard contains a good reference to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and it specifies particular requirements for the implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS) that every organization needs in order for them to be able to project and showcase their skill and expertise in the subject.


Benefits of ISO 15378

Unlike regular packaging, the Packaging talked about in the ISO 15378 Standard is specific to medicinal supplies and products. This is the reason why this particular standard is special and needs urgent and professional attention.

Companies and organizations who would certify their business or their operations against the ISO 15378 standard are able to have the following benefits and advantages:

By having a specific set of standards to be used, companies and organizations would have the ability and the overall capacity to identify and overall, minimize waste. This doesn’t only reduce the costs and overhead expenditures for a company, it allows its operations to be more effective and efficient, too.

When your company or your organization implements this standard, there will be a rule to follow – everything will be in place. In addition to that, the proficiency, the overall expertise, and the efficiency of your operations would be at its maximum with fewer errors, malfunctions, and defects.

Risks are a natural part of any business or operation. No matter how good of a standard there is, there would still be risks involved in many different processes. In the case of Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Packaging, the risks would decrease and your operations would not see any type of problem with it.

Having a standard set for your operations does not only give you a full-on and a complete guarantee that your businesses would be successful. As a matter of fact, it can also be the reason why you will be able to win more businesses than you ever imagined you would.


These are just some of the most usual and the most common benefits that the ISO 15378 provides – there are a lot more and imagining all of those would be what you need for you to be more enticed in getting the Packaging Certification. All standards based on ISO are beneficial and advantageous. Specifically, if they’re placed parallel to ISO 9001, they’ll only have specifics of what they need to achieve for the industry they are in.

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The Importance of ISO 15378

The Packaging Standard or the ISO 15378 Standard is what would allow companies and organizations to conform with the legal requirements suited for the medical and the pharmaceutical industry in terms of packaging devices and other materials. With our help in honing this standard, we, at IQC – the ISO Professionals would be able to assist and guide you in learning how the standard operates; how it’s integrated and inculcated in a system.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you think you need help in training, certification, or the auditing of the packaging of medical supplies and articles, always remember that IQC – the ISO Professionals is just a call away. We have a team of experts who can always be ready to help and to support you with what you need. The size of your business or your company doesn’t matter – if you are in the medical, the pharmaceutical, and the hospitalization industry and you want to achieve or acquire the ISO 15378 Certification, you can count on us!

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