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In every business industry or business type, the quality of a certain product, service, or the processes that provide these are the top things that potential clients look for. Many people argue that the price is one of the biggest and the most influential factor for consumers and for clients, but a lot of experts and professionals argue that it is not.

Choosing a business that you would patronize holds a lot of different reasons – and the reasons could be shallow, deep; everything that can be for the cause of improving the business or the processes all in all. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a globally-known agency that pushes and pursues studies, training, and certification to companies and organizations from all over the world. These standards are known as the ISO standards and they’re the most followed and the most used in the world.

Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Don’t fret if this is the first time you’ve heard of a Quality Management System (QMS) – that is the usual reaction people have when they first hear about it. However, it’s actually simple: A QMS is known as a set of processes, procedures, policies, rules, and regulations that are required from a company in terms of planning and implementation in the core business.

It’s like the skeletal support of every business move in whatever division or department it might be in. Over the years, the ISO was able to develop the solid and the most perfect standard for QMS – and that is the Quality ISO 9001.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an ISO-set and published standard that can be applied to any type of business or organization. It is a standard that does not look for a sizable or a large company – all businesses and companies can get it.

Did you know that almost a million companies and organizations apply and implement the ISO 9001 standard to their QMS-es? It’s that effective and it is probably part of the reasons why a lot of businesses are enticed to have it.


ISO 9001 Topics

This standard offers an approach that is process-oriented and contains in-depth information about how it’s done and made. Here are some of the topics and the scopes of ISO 9001:

  • Management responsibilities
  • QMS requirements
    • Written and documented information
    • Planning Processes
    • Execution
  • Resources Management including Human Resources (HR)
  • Product distinction and realization
  • Analysis, continuous improvement, internal audits, and the like

After being updated back in 2015, it has been named ISO 9001:2015 and the revisions offered a couple of changes to the entire standard. Some of which include:

  • New Terminology Introduction
  • Information Restructuring
  • Risk-Based Thinking Emphasis
  • Service Applicability
  • And Many More

Its effectiveness and efficiency are just two (2) of the things that lure people in. There are, of course, some other benefits and advantages of ISO 9001, and that’s what we will discuss below.

What are the Benefits of ISO 9001?

Basically speaking, ISO 9001 is tailor-fit made for the improvement of the overall quality of the business processes. If you’re intrigued, continue reading.

In case you’re already hooked at ISO 9001, be prepared to be hooked more and deeper into the realms. The ISO 9001 Standard offers a lot of different benefits and advantages to companies and organizations – and in whatever industry they might be in.

Some of which include:

The main purpose of setting this QMS standard up is to make sure that the products and the services that your company or your organization offers are of high quality; this then leads to a better experience for customers and clients.

Not engaging with your employees can be one of the worst mistakes you can ever make. Your employees are the reason why you are currently in business now; without them, you would be nothing. ISO 9001 ensures the safety and the overall welfare that you look after for your workers and staff members.

Generally speaking, the Quality ISO 9001 is for all types of businesses and it’s tailored to have a better experience for customers and clients. However, if you choose to work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will get more than what we need. We value the presence and the overall skill of people and it should never be disregarded.

Your business processes are everything that you need to ensure the quality and the skill of the services offered by a particular company. Through an ISO 9001 Certification, process improvement usually comes right af01 Certification, process improvement usually comes right after. With the processes improved and the systems furnished and polished, then it’s just a matter of time for your business organization to absorb everything and implement what’s needed.


Getting ISO 9001 Certification

There are a lot of companies and organizations that offer the same type of services we do here at IQC – the ISO Professionals; we might not be able to provide the best and the most exemplary of training services, but what we can assure you, though is that you will get the value of what you are paying for.

Through the ISO 9001 Training and Certification we offer, companies, businesses, and organizations would be able to grasp everything they need to know about ISO 9001, what it is, how it’s done, how they can be compliant, and how they can be certified.

Out of all the competitors in the market, clients trust none other than us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals – you can do so too! Contact us through any of the given digital channels that we have and expect to receive a response within a few minutes to a few hours (depending on the schedule and the time).

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