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Contrary to what most people believe in, the chemical industry is part of the world’s top and most anticipated industries. The labs where they work and operate are the labs that form the cures, the vaccines, and the treatments for some other types of infection.

In addition to that, a Chemical Laboratory or facility can engage in commercial business, too. This can include the creation of variation, cosmetic products, other household products, and the like. Because of the subtle fact that the creation, production, and manufacturing of chemical goods are crucial, the Responsible Care RC 14001 has been made and published.

Who is This Certification For?

The Responsible Care or RC 14001 is the globe’s leading standard when it comes to the care or the appropriate ways of engaging in various activities involving the use of chemicals. RC 14001 Certification can include companies and businesses who are in the:

  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • And Many Others

RC 14001 Certification can help and assist a company obtain application and audit processes without spending loads of cash in just one go. The impact and the influence of the Responsible Care RC 14001 are crucial, as it can help a company go up to a position they never were in before.

The ISO 14001 is spread to be available for use for all types of business industries and organizations, while the RC 14001, however, is not – it tends to be more industry-specific.

What is the RC 14001?

So what is the RC 14001? What is this certain type of certification? And is this standard applies to all business types and industries? For all of you who are not in the know, the RC 14001:2008 is the latest, the most recent, and the most updated standard in the Responsible Care industry.

It is a certification that is based on company levels. It includes all ISO 14001 requirements as well as the things required by the famous American Chemistry Council (ACC). Through the conspired efforts, the RC 14001 was made.


Why Get RC 14001?

No type of certification is required or needed in order for a certain company or corporation to be patronized by people. However, getting a certification for the activities and the businesses you engage in increases the credibility and the overall trust your market or your clients have in the business you provide.

Here are some of the benefits and the reasons why you should work to get an RC 14001 Certification applicable to you.

Getting a Responsible Care or RC 14001 Certification can heighten and extend the trust that you’ve built with the market and with the clients you’ve had. This only means one thing – more business opportunities for you and for your company or your organization. Since being certified usually means that your products and services are safe, then your clients would have zero doubts about the products and the services that you provide. IQC – the ISO Professionals

The beauty of the RC 14001 standard is that it’s set out not just for the benefit of a supplier, a contractor, or a specific organization towards its clients; it can also be a tool used to promote and to encourage teamwork within a given working environment. Teamwork is a good and effective tool in terms of making sure that a business is successful with its operations.

Getting or acquiring a Responsible Care or RC 14001 is not just for a company or an organization to abide by the rules and laws of the state or the federal government, it can also be used to promote and to encourage the overall excellence of a company. Out in the industry, there are a lot of self-proclaimed companies and organizations that tell all clients that they’re the best at what they do. There’s nothing good in being optimistic, it’s just that, a lot of clients fail to meet the expectation they have especially with how these companies or organizations present themselves.


Here with us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we value our clients and their time. The most significant trait we have as a company is that we would not waste your time. If we deem that you don’t need our help, we would tell you right away.

Alternatively, we can offer a free diagnosis of the services that you need to be able to present an idea that would be dominant in your industry. Never did we fail to meet our clients’ expectations – what they wanted, we gave them.

Why Choose IQC – the ISO Professionals?

If there are a lot of companies and organizations out in the sea, why should it be us that you’ll pick and choose? What makes us special? The answers to that are simple, and it can be summed up in the following sentences:

IQC – the ISO Professionals is a company that has a combined experience of more than 10 decades in the ISO standards industry. We are skilled and adept in a whole wide range of services from the regular ISO 9001 standards to industry-specific standards with compliance that you would want to benefit from.


Safety and Security as Priorities

We here at IQC – the ISO Professionals value the safety and the overall security of the clients we have. And we’re not just talking about the safety and security of the executives, managers, and business owners – we mean the frontliners, the ones who operate to make the business work.

Through the RC 14001 Training and Certification that we offer, you will never feel the need to work with another company ever again. We will be more than enough for all the services and the certification that you need. Dial us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, or send us an email. We can give you the guarantee that your experience with us will be worth it. Get the opportunity to experience high and world-class quality services without spending a fortune on it.

Contact us now and don’t hesitate to receive the best services you can!

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