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Are you a manager, a business executive, or a company owner in the industry of Body Armor? No, we’re not talking about the non-fictional body armor you see Iron Man wearing, the more realistic type of Body Armor that the military, the police, and other law enforcement bodies wear.

The BA 9000 or the Body Armor Quality Management System is the standard that has been established and published that would handle and set the requirements needed for all types of body armor.

Body Armor BA 9000-IQC ISO9001

The National Institute of Justice

The BA 9000 is a standard that’s been published by the National Institute of Justice or the NIJ that applies to the specifications of the Quality Standard, or the ISO 9001. It’s particular and specific to the creation, the manufacturing, and the distribution of ballistic-resistant body armor.

BA 9000 requirements go large from the materials used for the body armor, the documented process, as well as the total design and development needed for its production. If you are in need of a company or an organization that can help you get the BA 9000 Certification you’ve been looking to have, there’s no other company or organization you can trust but us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

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