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Whatever the business industry or sector – even public and private organizations, bribery is present. It may not be in the form of finances or gifts, but in other forms like a promotion, special treatment, and other benefits, too.

While most people don’t consider bribery as an act or an activity that can be dangerous or hazardous to a company or an organization, it’s actually a crime if seen in the perspective and the view of legal terms and basis.

Because of this, an international standard for bribery has been established and published – and it is the ISO 37001.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

Explaining What ISO 37001 Is

In further understanding what ISO 37001 is, it is imperative for us to understand to be aware of what it means to “bribe” a person or an organization. By definition, bribery is the act of giving or receiving financial or other types and forms of rewards to take advantage in the context of allowing improper or inappropriate performance.

To demonstrate, say that you are a logistics company. In your business, you need suppliers to bid for their position and in bidding, it would include and involve everything from their capabilities, their key competencies, their prices, and so on.

Bribery is when the bidding part is skipped because your company or your organization is in favor of one supplier – and it can be because they provided you financial gifts and rewards or other types of benefit.


How the ISO 37001 Works

Should you be unaware of how the ISO 37001 works and operates, it’s simple – it is the standard that sets out the rules, objectives, and guidelines in creating and developing an Anti-Bribery Management System or an ABMS for the benefit of the company.

The main goal and purpose of the ISO 37001 are to:

  • Lessen or totally eradicate bribery within the organization; and
  • To remove any forms of bribery in connection with the acquisition of suppliers

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