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Regardless of the age and the size of your business or your organization, successfully and appropriately implementing the ISO 37001 standard into your business processes and procedures would not only be a favorable thing for your company – it can help in developing and improving the services of your suppliers, too.

Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you wouldn’t have any problems in learning and in being educated about the Anti-Bribery standard. As a matter of fact, we will act as your overall, all in one organization that can help you from training, learning – to the integration and the implementation of the standard.

ISO Implementation-IQC ISO9001

Our Focus on Implementation

It’s important and essential to know that we at IQC – the ISO Professionals don’t provide Certification services. What our focus is on would be with the Training & Implementation – because we find it to be more important and more relevant than just gaining certification.

When you ask us for certification, we would direct it to our business partners for them to send and to pursue the certification process that will lead you to your aspirations of being certified.

But, with the lessons and the implementations that we would be providing, you’ll never have to think about certification – it’s going to be embossed and embedded into your business practices and procedures.

What’s Included in an ISO 37001 Certification

Should you bear the interest of gaining and obtaining ISO 37001 Certification, implementing it to your business processes and procedures would involve:

  • Heightened and developed internal control mechanisms
  • Anti-bribery policy
  • Improved and developed procedures in identifying bribery
  • Risk assessments and mitigation
  • Investigation and reporting procedures
  • Anti-bribery compliance
  • And many more!

Overall, the goal and the main purpose of ISO 37001 implementation is for companies, businesses, and organizations to be able to come up with ways and strategies on how they can identify, and overall – prevent bribery committed by the organization or done against the organization.


How IQC – the ISO Professionals Can Help

Being the best and the most reliable ISO 37001 Consultants, Coaches, and Instructors in the city of Green Bay, our methods and strategies are deemed to be more effective and more efficient compared to the performance of other companies and organizations.

When you work with us, you can expect not to be bored with the usual and the normal classroom type of setting for the training; and you can be free from the stress of being given low-quality services.

Work with us and we will allow you to experience the best and the highest quality of ISO 37001 Training & Implementation! Whatever business sector you are in and whatever industry you’re operating under, you will eventually find the ISO 37001 standard to be useful, effective, and efficient.

Talk to us today and never worry about how effective or how impacting the ISO 37001 Training & Implementation is. You can reach us via our hotline or via our email address!

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