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The ISO 37001 standard is the internationally known and recognized standard that takes into account the requirements, guidelines, and qualifications for a company or an organization to escape bribery in their business or their organization.

Because of the fact that bribery has been pervasive in most, if not all types of businesses and organizations in the industry, the need to implement and to publish an international standard to reverse and to prevent bribery from happening came at an all-time high.

Anti-Bribery ISO 37001-IQC ISO9001

History of ISO 37001

It was designed, developed, and published by none other than the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) back in 2016 and it is recognized as the global standard for implementation of various anti-bribery management systems.

What the purpose of this particular standard is to assist businesses, companies, and organizations to implement, sustain, and maintain various measures that can help in the detection, mitigation, or overall prevention of bribery across the entire organization – even its business activities and procedures.

What ISO 37001 Addresses

How does bribery happen and what types and kinds of bribery does the ISO 37001 standard prevent? As per the document, the bribery that could be prevented in implementing the ISO 37001 include:

  • Bribery activities are done and conducted against the organization; and
  • Bribery activities that are done and conducted by the organization itself

No matter how you are skilled and knowledgeable you are with your company, you wouldn’t be able to monitor them 100% of the time to see what each department or each division is up to.

But, by implementing an ISO 37001 Standard, you can free yourself from this worry.


Benefits of Implementing ISO 37001 to Your Organization

Other than the fact that it can help you and your organization in preventing and in identifying certain factors that relate and link to bribery, some other benefits, and advantages it can offer your company include:

  • Less operational costs because of the decrease in the investigation;
  • Preparedness and readiness for the ever-changing market;
  • Honesty and transparency in the organization and in conjunction with its business investors and associates;
  • Global and international recognition; and
  • Many more

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