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Many companies and businesses looking to achieve a Gluten-Free Certification in order for them to appear more reliable, more reputable, and to gain customer and client trust and confidence whatever business or sector they are in.

That basically means that all companies – starting from the farm level, the harvesting, the collection – up to the distribution, the collection, and even the retail; a GFC would be essential and can help increase your company or your business’s overall trust and reputation.

Gluten Free Certification-IQC ISO9001

Gluten-Free Management System (GFMS)

The goal of food companies, businesses, and organization in being Gluten-Free Certified is to be able to design, develop, and establish a Gluten-Free Management System; the structure or the framework that would enable businesses, companies, and organizations to have a standardized and a systematized system that would help them ensure the market, their clients, and their overall reach that their products do not contain Gluten.

Here in the city of Jamestown, only at IQC – the ISO Professionals will you be able to experience high-quality Gluten-Free Training and Implementation. You might wonder what it means to be able to provide quality implementation to business processes, systems, and operations – and that’s what we’ll be helping you with here at IQC – the ISO Professionals!

Failure Leads to Sanctions

What if your products fail to get or obtain Gluten-Free Certification? What would be the result? Failure to get or obtain Gluten-Free Certification or GFC can curb drastic, compounding effects to your company or your business.

Other than sanctions, corrective action, and further penalties – you will be stuck in the zone where your company or your organization’s products and services cause great harm to clients and the market.

You will never have the feeling of being dismayed or disappointed when you choose us. We’re not food experts – nor are we nutritionists. What we are, though, is a company or an organization committed and dedicated to providing quality ISO Training & Implementation services.


The Growing Gluten-Free Market

Every single day, the number of people diagnosed and affected with celiac disease is growing – it’s something that’s not wanted by those who have it and it’s not something that you can obtain or acquire without you knowing it.

The rapid expansion and growth of the Gluten-Free Market is the signal and sign to companies and businesses that they should consider getting the GFC. There are a lot of manufacturers, food businesses, and organizations out there that claim their products are Gluten Free, but in reality, it’s not.

Never put the lives of your market or your clients in danger – give the people the assurance that all your products, ingredients, and other consumes you offer in the market are free from Gluten and from other kinds of elements that can trigger conditions and illnesses that are linked to it.

Work with IQC – the ISO Professionals and never think about how you can get and obtain Gluten-Free Certification ever again! Experience world-class quality services with us!

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