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Internal Audit Outsourcing has been one of the most, if not the most talked-about, and continually argued upon topics in the world of business; where it shares equal sides of being positive to it, and the other half being negative.

There are a lot of companies that state that it can be the cause for the fall of your company or your business; while there are others that consider it as the thing that would give them the utmost help and assistance without them actually spending tens of thousands of dollars.

But what is Outsourced Internal Auditing in the first place? Why is it one of the hottest topics in the business world?

Outsourced Internal Auditing-IQC ISO9001

Brief Definition of Outsourced Internal Auditing

Internal Audit Outsourcing can simply be defined as the service of a company or an organization trusting a third-party organization to perform the Internal Audits to their companies.

Let’s say that you own Company A and you handle manufacturing. You wanted to conduct an Internal Audit but you lack the expertise and the professionals to help you with it – what do you do? Do you scramble to find an Internal Auditor at the last minute?

This is where Internal Audits Outsourcing comes in handy and effectively. Instead of scrambling to find an Internal Auditor during the last minute, you can choose to work with a third party company or organization to perform and conduct the Internal Audit that you need for you.

The Best Internal Auditors in Grand Forks

Across the entire plain or city of Grand Forks, the best and the most valuable company or organization that you can work with is none other than us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Over the years, we’ve done nothing but provide our clients with the Internal Audits that they need in the best and in the most efficient ways possible.

The focus of our Internal Audits would not be like how other companies and organizations do it – instead, our focus would be tapping and touching:

  • The past and the history of the business or the organization
  • The current situation of the company against its goals and objectives that they have in place
  • The future of the organization and see if the goals are feasible

Would You Outsource?

Imagine yourself being in the middle of the dilemma, what option would you take? Many would choose the option to take up the hiring of an Internal Auditor, and only a few would go to the Outsourcing path.

With us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you can take advantage of the advanced Outsourced Internal Auditing procedure we offer, or you can also take up the ISO Outsourced Internal Auditor Training that we have (which is purely based on ISO 19011), and train your people for it.

Talk to us today and never worry about how you can perform or conduct the Internal Audit that your company or your organization needs! Dial us or send us an email now!

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