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For all new and young business owners, knowing what a Gap Analysis is, understanding how it’s mainly used, and being able to use it efficiently and effectively in your business can be a turning point of your already falling below the mark business into something good – and it can be done through an effective and a consistent Gap Analysis.

Gap Analysis-IQC ISO9001

What is Gap Analysis?

By definition, a Gap Analysis is the process that usually links and connects the company or the organization’s current situation to what their goals and objectives are. This method is seen as one of the most effective and the most efficient ways in providing or finding what a company or an organization lacks – whether it’s with the structure, the framework, the different business procedures, and processes, etc.

Based on the ISO 19011 or the standard that pans out sets of requirements, policies, rules, and regulations – the Gap Analysis is one of the fewest but the most effective ways of figuring out the full and the complete capabilities of companies, businesses, and organizations against their goal.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, whether you want to be helped and assisted with how you can prepare for a Gap Analysis, or if you need assistance in training and in learning about how you can train your personnel and experts in your company on how it’s done, we’re the best.


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Across the entire city of Yonkers, NY, no other company can compare to the quality and the caliber of the services we do. We’ve been providing a whole lot of services for our clients and not one of them came back with a negative or a violent reaction about the service that transpired.

With our Gap Analysis process, you will not only get the results you are in dire need of, our team of coaches, instructors, and trainers can also give you a bit of an insight on how you can perform and provide and accomplish the service without spending much or without going out of budget.

Our crown of being the best and the most effective analysts, consultants, and auditors in the entire industry has never been touched and it’s due to the continuous improvement and development processes and procedures we allow all our experts and our professionals to undergo.

With IQC – the ISO Professionals, you can expect:

  • Low costs for all the services you need
  • Improved and enhanced business processes
  • Fast delivery and turnaround time
  • People engagement and involvement
  • Heightened and increased customer experience or customer satisfaction
  • And many more!

Give us a quick call for you to know about all the different services we can help you with – as well as the versatile list of standards we’re sure we can help and assist you with. Send us an email or dial our hotline – work with the best, work with IQC – the ISO Professionals, and never worry about the quality or effectiveness of work!

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