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The complex and the ever-complicated world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) placed a handful of companies, businesses, and organizations on the brink of failure. Some, if not a majority of businesses weren’t able to pick-up, while some just stayed stagnant until the industry ate them alive.

One thing most of these companies and organizations lacked is the knowledge and the skill in manifesting and in being aware of the TL 9000 – or more commonly known and referred to as the international standard or the set of guidelines in the Telecommunications Industry.

Telecommunications TL 9000.-IQC ISO9001

Understanding TL 9000 Thoroughly

Other than the facts that we know of about the TL 9000, it is also imperative and essential for us to be able to know and tell what its difference is from other ISO standards that clearly talk about quality and management systems.

According to the Requirements Handbook or the RHB of the TL 9000, it is a set of requirements and procedures that are listed to make sure that the telecom company or organization clearly understands the role and the vital importance of the ICT industry in the lives of consumers.

The second part of the Measurements Handbook (MHB), however, dictates why the performance of each company or organization is relevant and is useful in many other ways and industries.

Getting Certification

Whatever your position is in the supply chain of the Telecommunications industry, achieving a TL 9000 Certification is something that’s not required – however, it can be the selling point that your company has.

Before being certified, though, all businesses and organizations involved in the telecom industry need to know that they need particular steps before they reach the level of certification they’ve been wishing and yearning to have – and that is none other than Implementation.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we love working with our clients in helping and assisting them in how the TL 9000 Implementation is seen as a better and more useful service in helping out and assisting clients in the industry.

We have become the choice of many, if not all telecom-involved businesses and organizations and we can’t be prouder. For decades, we’ve focused on how we can fully know and understand each standard that we’re offering by heart so it’s an easy ride for us to teach and train our clients with how the process goes and works.


Advantages of Working With Us

We never claimed to be experts in the telecom field – and any service-related in the field of ICT and business needs to be in conjunction with one another. However, the team of professionals, consultants, auditors, and coaches we have here at IQC – the ISO Professionals never stop learning.

In fact, when you choose to work with us, you will not only get the best and the highest level of TL 9000 Training, you can achieve overall confidence about your services and your products too! Contact us to learn and know more about the services we’re capable of offering!

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