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Performing a Gap Analysis is one of the most effective and efficient methods and strategies for improving and developing your company. Knowing what it is and what you can use it for is one thing – but being knowledgeable on WHEN you should conduct it is another.

Jumping straight to what it is can be confusing for you, so, it is actually important for you to know it so that you don’t get bombarded with too much information that can seem undecipherable for you.

Performing a Gap Analysis can be the perfect way to do research to know a particular company or organization’s opportunities and rooms for improvement against the goals and the objectives they have both for the short and long-term.

Here in the city of New Rochelle, NY, no other company or organization can be trusted but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. For years, we’ve done nothing but provide a whole wide spectrum of services in relation to ISO and other forms and types of business process improvement and development for your operations and your particular business.

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What You Get With a Gap Analysis

With the plentiful reasons why you should perform a Gap Analysis, some of the most common things that people think about when they think or consider performing or conducting a Gap Analysis include:

  • Forecast of profits – With a Gap Analysis, companies, businesses, and organizations would have a vision on how their profits and their cash flows would be; they can use it to figure out where they went wrong and change it according to their goals and their objectives;
  • Gaps Usage – Through Gap Analysis, one of the things that companies, businesses, and organizations can find out would be the usage gaps. These gaps are considered as the main difference between the current product or service’s market size, and the potential or the expected market size;
  • Benchmarking – By having the ability to compare results from what a company or an organization’s current standing is, it can be the way to create and carry out effective and efficient services and performance.

Those are just three (3) of the main things you can get out of a Gap Analysis process – there are a lot more. Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you wouldn’t just get all of those; we can also give you the assurance and the guarantee that you will be able to find the purpose of the Gap Analysis process you plan on doing through the developmental and the improvement potential it has.


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