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If you own a business, or if you are a business executive of a particular company or organization, then you might have assets or resources that are being used. Any asset can be a part of it may it be a printer, a skilled worker, or even documentation – it’s an asset; as long as it assists in the company’s returns or something that has value, it’s considered an asset.

Asset Management, therefore, is the process of designing, developing, and executing all resources and assets for one specific goal – to help a company’s overall efficiency in managing and handling its assets.

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

Monitoring Assets and Resources

If you’re not in the know, Asset Management is a service that also refers to the approach of a company or an organization in how they govern, use, and trade assets within a given business standpoint.

The ISO 55001 has been established and implemented for the sole purpose of streamlining sets of standards, policies, processes, and regulations to assist in an organization’s goal of managing its assets accordingly.

Not managing your assets is like letting your brand new car loose on the road without having the assurance that it’s going to be kept safe. So, if you’re already intrigued about Asset and Resource Management, you can learn and trust us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for it.

Asset Management Standard: ISO 55001

Businesses and organizations that benefit from the ISO 55001 the most would be institutions that require capital intensely or businesses that have a load of assets and properties that can be used in times of emergency and need.

The main goal of the Asset Management Standard is to be able to improve and develop a particular plan in terms of maintaining, enhancing, or utilizing an asset effectively and efficiently.

Overall, it’s designed and made to have a robust framework of guidance to the AMS or the Asset Management System. The expertise and the overall craftsmanship we at IQC – the ISO Professionals have in the ISO 55001 standard goes a long way – even longer than some of the most experienced and the most educated organizations in the ISO world.


Why Get an ISO 55001 Certification?

Obtaining an ISO 55001 Certification is not only beneficial for you because many working professionals would start hearing your name, but it’s also because of the fact that companies, businesses, and organizations can use the training and the important lessons in the ISO 55001 Training.

Gaining an ISO 55001 Certification means that you’ve undergone a relevant amount of training, making you knowledgeable about Asset Management itself.

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