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The Capability Maturity Model Integration or the CMMI is a process or a procedure that can aid and assist organizations in streamlining quality process improvements and in encouraging productive, effective, and efficient behaviors that point towards the development and enhancement of businesses.

Through the five (5) levels of the CMMI, companies, and businesses can have the level of proficiency and excellence depending on the maturity level they are in.

Capability Maturity Model Integration-IQC ISO9001

Five (5) Maturity Levels of CMMI

The five CMMI maturity levels each have their own unique descriptions and on how they define a company or an organization’s proficiency level towards achieving a mature process. Here are the five levels with in-depth details:

The first level would most often not have a stable process or environment. The general success of a software process would rely on the skills and the capabilities of the people within the company or the organization. In addition to that, this level would introduce products and services that are operational but they do not meet the expectations of the client.

In comparison to the first level, the 2nd level of maturity or the Managed type would have a more focused discipline and would have products, skills, and processes that work. Also, this level of maturity would allow the visibility of the delivery of the products and services managed.

At the third level, processes and operational systems would be more defined and disciplined; the processes would be more described and they would have more detail than the 2nd level. All products, skills, and services would be measured for the next maturity level.

The fourth level of the CMMI would include the particular goals asked for and required by the first three maturity levels. Most usually, this maturity level would incorporate graphical, statistical, quantitative, and other strategies and techniques. All of which would be predictable and would follow the schedule set by the client.

Last but definitely not least would be the optimization maturity level. Under this level, all previous goals would have been achieved and the proficiency in the level, as well as its goals, would be directed towards innovative and developmental software process improvements.


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