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A lot of issues have been raised about the receiving and the sourcing of fakes, fraudulent, and counterfeit products in the Aerospace or the AS&D industry. Many standards took stand and action to try and remedy this but in the end, it just kept on getting worse.

Good thing that the Society of Automotive Engineering or the SAE was able to develop and publish a standard that would help businesses, organizations, and companies in detecting and overall preventing this from happening – enter the birth of the AS6081 standard.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

What is the AS6018 Standard?

If we were to look at it on a deeper level, the AS6081 standard is otherwise known as the Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Distributors, it is the standard that aims to assist and guide companies, businesses, and organizations in the Aerospace industry in getting or sourcing authentic, legitimate, and original products rather than getting or receiving fakes and counterfeits.

The significant and the vast amount of counterfeits produced in the industry caused a lot of distress and dangers in the Aerospace industry, but the AS6081 came to the rescue.

Do You Need to Have AS6081 Certification?

The standard is clear that the only institutions, facilities, and organizations that would need it would be:

  • All Electronic Industries in the Civil & Commercial, Aerospace, and Defense Sectors
  • Aerospace Industries Association (AIA)
  • Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence or the BMPCOE
  • ERAI, Inc.
  • Government Electronics & Information Technology (GEIA); and the
  • Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA)

If your company is somehow within the area of Roanoke, Virginia, you can bank and trust us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for your needs in learning and in implementing the standard.

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Benefits of the AS6081

At IQC – the ISO Professionals, we wouldn’t focus on how we would train you, as well as how you can achieve or obtain the certification you’ve been looking to have. Instead, we would highlight the benefits of it and would steer the direction towards how you can successfully and properly implement it into your business.

Some of the benefits of implementing the AS6081 standard to companies and businesses include:

  • Less risk involved in sourcing fakes, frauds, and counterfeits
  • Lower costs because there’ll be less testing and experimentation
  • Higher and better quality of goods and products
  • Being recognized as a worldwide and a global Aerospace business or organization
  • Customer experience and satisfaction
  • And many more

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