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With the overall complexity and confusing industry or sector of the Aerospace, a lot of negative things have been discovered and it’s continuing to ruin the life and the reputation of the Aviation, Space, & Defense (AS&D) industry altogether.

The success stories linked and lined up to businesses and organizations in the Aerospace industry caused a lot of influence to create, develop, design, and establish knockoffs, fakes and counterfeit products in the electronics area of the AS&D sector.

It was inevitable – all companies and facilities, even if they didn’t want it to happen, has had a bad or a negative experience in the sourcing and the receiving of electronic parts and components, and it cause a whole new wave of heaps of trouble in the industry.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Establishment of AS6081 Standard

To counter this and to overall protect and secure the image and the reputation of companies, businesses, and organizations in the Aerospace sector, the AS6081 standard has been put in place.

This particular standard is the standard that is otherwise known as the SAE A6081: Fraudulent/Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition – Distributors. From that alone, you would already know, you would have an idea of what this particular standard is.

For the benefit of those new to the scene, the standard is the set of guidelines, processes, procedures, and practices that would help out businesses and institutions in avoiding receiving fakes and counterfeit products.

Dangers of Counterfeited Products and Components

And we’re not just talking about metal parts, covers, shutters, and the like – it’s specific to the electronic parts and components that these organizations, businesses, and institutions in the AS&D industry and sector receive.

For instance, if a company or an organization receives a product that is not original or not carefully studied by the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE), the product or the part has a big chance to malfunction and to have defects – which is both bad for the business and hazardous and dangerous to the lives of the people in that medium.

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