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The inevitable and uncontrollable growth of the industry of counterfeits have hurt the Aerospace industry pretty hard within the past couple of decades. The counterfeits industry has been around ever since the original manufacturers were – and they wanted to overpower the authentic manufacturers and producers with their cheap and inexpensive pricing, easy to access and retrieve, and even a wide range of options available.

Most businesses in the Aviation, Space, & Defense (AS&D) industry fall trap into this – but they are just those who aren’t well-versed with how the industry works. But companies, businesses, institutions, and organizations that are actually knowledgeable and skilled in determining which is which, have higher chances of avoiding it – and it’s because they have probably implemented the AS6081 standard into their business processes.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Overview of the AS6081 Standard

Among the man standards available in the Aerospace industry, the AS6081 seems to be one of the most relevant and the most essential; to the point and to the extent that without it, a lot of the things we see now wouldn’t have been possible.

The Counterfeits Standard or the AS6081 is the standard that is taken up by businesses, facilities, institutions, and organizations in the AS&D industry and it can be companies from manufacturers, sourcing companies, assemblies – even fabrication.

The wide and vast range of the counterfeits industry has been so widespread that it became a part of the norm – and thus, the birth of the AS6081 standard.

Being Certified against the AS6081 standard is akin to being certified in other standards as well; it wouldn’t work unless you successfully integrate it or implement it into your business processes and procedures.

Knowledge Isn’t Everything

Imagine this, you’re knowledgeable on what the AS6081 standard is and you’re actually looking forward to implementing it, but are you sure you’re doing it the right way? Are you certain that you wouldn’t experience anything wrong even if it’s your first time doing it?

Unless you’ve been trained by a world-class quality trainer and instructor in the industry, you might find it hard – even harder to be certified against the AS6081 Certification.

We here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are opening our doors to companies and businesses like you. We’ve been deemed and known as the most efficient, the most productive, and the most effective AS6081 Training & Implementation organization in the industry and we have been fully trusted by a wide range of companies and businesses.


Why You Should Choose Us

Among the plentiful reasons why you should choose us, part of the reasons why businesses and facilities in the AS&D sector choose us for our AS6081 Training because:

  • We highlight and provide real-life scenarios to them
  • The way we impart the information and the details that our clients need to know is extraordinary
  • Our business and our company has been one of the most trusted and most relied on – because of the skill and overall adeptness of our consultants and coaches
  • And many more

At IQC – the ISO Professionals, you wouldn’t have any problems getting the right quality and caliber of AS6081 Training that you need!

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