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The world of counterfeits is so relevant and big, that it should have its own industry to it. Kidding aside, the overflow of fakes, knockoffs, fraudulent, and counterfeit products – even in the Aerospace and the AS&D industry has been so pervasive that a particular standard specific to it has been developed and published.

The AS6081 is the standard specific to the identification, prevention, and the overall mitigation of risks and receiving of counterfeits for institutions and facilities that operate in the Aviation, Space, & Defense (AS&D) industry.

Part of what most people are confused about is the fact that it’s the same concept as AS5553 – however, they have their indifferences. Before we get to that, though, let us first try to discuss and define the AS6081 to fully have a grasp on what it is.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Understanding the AS6081 Standard

The AS6081 standard is the procedure and the set of tools that has been developing by the Society of Automotive Engineering or the SAE with the goal and the objective of keeping track of all the counterfeits, fakes, and fraudulent items and equipment that are transferred and moved within the Aerospace Industry.

Moreover, the standard is the set of guidelines that are used by organizations and institutions in the AS&D industry to:

  • Identify frauds and counterfeits in products they source and receive;
  • Lessen and decrease the risks of receiving these products;
  • Mitigation of all the risks involved in the business process; and
  • Many more

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AS5553 vs. AS6081

The AS5553 Standard is the sister standard of the AS6081 – and if we look at them generally, they’re just the same; no difference and their goal are one – to help businesses and organizations in the Aerospace and AS&D sector or industry to trace down and identify fakes, frauds, and counterfeit electronic products.

To further differentiate them, the AS5553 is the standard that is applied to OEMs. AS6081, on the other hand, is the standard that is intended to be used by distributors who purchase from the open market.

Whichever you think how all of these play out, both have the same goal – but the AS6081 is kind of more vast and wider than the AS5553.

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