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It’s undeniable that the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry is one of the most advanced and the most needed industries because of the technological advancements that it offers and provides consumers in varying markets.

But with the rise of the best and the most dedicated companies and institutions in the Telecommunications industry, so did the rapid increase of fakes, knockoffs, and counterfeits in terms of the goods, products, parts, components – even the services.

Due to this, the Business Performance Community of the Telecommunications Industry Association or the TIA developed the TL 9000 – the standard that sets out the guidelines for businesses and institutions in the telecom industry detailing the quality, the overall efficiency, and the robust framework for detecting malfunctions and defects of products, parts, and components.

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Where You Can Get Trained for TL 9000

Here in the city of Norfolk in the state of Virginia, there’s no other company trusted and relied on when it comes to TL 9000 Training & Implementation but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. We have been deemed and considered by our clients as the most remarkable, the most reliable, and the most technical when it comes to the TL 9000 standard.

So, if your business or your organization is in any way, connected or linked to the ICT industry, don’t ever hesitate to grab the chance and the opportunity to learn about the TL 9000 from the best and the from the most technical of all – none other than us at IQC – the ISO Professionals.


Why Implement TL 9000? How Can it Help You?

What benefits and advantages can the TL 9000 standard give you and your company? How can you leverage this so that it would work for your company rather than working against it? The TL 9000, in case you’re not in the know, is the standard that can assist and guide you in terms of:

  • Enhancing and developing your relationships with customers or clients and suppliers
  • Competitive edge and advantage
  • Cost efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Continuous development and improvement
  • Improvement and development of suppliers in the Telecom industry
  • And many more!

Being certified against the TL 9000 standard can help and assist your institution or your organization to be a lot better and to have a more effective and productive series of services that would all be for the benefit and for the advantage of the products and parts, even the performance of the suppliers and the contractors in the telecom industry.

If ever you find yourself needing help and assistance with TL 9000 Training & Implementation, and you are anywhere here within the city of Norfolk, no need for you to panic and to look elsewhere because we at IQC – the ISO Professionals are always ready and prepared to offer you extra high quality and comprehensive services that you would need for your company and for your organization.

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