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Companies and organizations that yearn and look forward to working with the US Department of Defense or the DoD would soon need and be required to have the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification or the CMMC Standard embedded and properly integrated into their business systems and processes.

Being part of the most recent and the latest standards published, it’s still on its way to being a requirement for organizations and businesses in the protection or in the cybersecurity industry.


What is the CMMC?

If you’ve ever heard of if you’ve known what the CMMI is, you would have a clearer and better understanding of what the CMMC is. The CMMC is internationally and globally recognized as the standard that sets out the rules, regulations, and policies that defense and security contractors need to have should they look at working with the DoD.

Akin to how the CMMI works and operates, the CMMC would also have a total of five (5) certification and maturity levels. These levels would be the of the company or the organization’s overall cybersecurity infrastructure and framework – as well as the overall proficiency and capability.

Cybersecurity Levels of Maturity

  • Basic Cyber Hygiene (Level 1)
  • Intermediate Cyber Hygiene (Level 2)
  • Good Cyber Hygiene (Level 3)
  • Proactive (Level 4)
  • Advanced or Progressive (Level 5)

In each Cybersecurity Maturity Level, the competencies and the capabilities of a company or an organization would advance and progress – until they get to the advanced or progressive level in which their main focus would be how they can sustain, maintain, and improve their business processes.


CMMC Implementation and Certification

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But how do you know if you need to comply or conform to the requirements of the CMMC? Do all security companies and contractors need it?


Who Needs the CMMC?

All suppliers and contractors of the DoD would, in the future, need to comply and to conform to the requirements of the CMMC – meaning, they would need to be certified and they would be required to have standardized procedures and processes.

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