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Are you looking to get and to receive the best and the highest quality of CMMI Training and Implementation for your company or your organization? Do you look to improve and fully develop the way you perform and conduct your services?

If ever you find yourself needing help in terms of implementing and in being trained in the CMMI Standard, you can consider yourself helped and assisted when you choose to work with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

Our organization has been seen and deemed as the best and the most remarkable when it comes to CMMI Training as we never allow our clients to feel that it’s a complicated standard that they would never find easy to pursue.

Capability Maturity Model Integration-IQC ISO9001

Division of CMMI Levels

In case you’re wondering, the CMMI is divided into five (5) different levels, each of which has a particular proficiency level or maturity phase. It starts out from the most basic, up to the most proficient and most skilled.

To summarize, the 5 maturity levels of the CMMI are:

  1. The Initial Level
  2. The Defined Level
  3. The Managed Level
  4. The Quantitatively Managed Level
  5. The Optimizing or the Progressing Level

We at IQC – the ISO Professionals wouldn’t just teach you what they are and tell you some things about how they can be effective and efficient for your business or your company – we would also work and put in the effort that you need so you can properly integrate and implement it your business processes or systems.


How Can We Help?

We’re not the ones administering the standard – as of now, it’s being administered by the CMMI Institute. IQC – the ISO Professionals is just one of the accredited and certified companies that have been given the power and the will to help out and provide the utmost assistance to various companies and organizations.

You can bank and count on us the same way our previous clients have – and that is all through the continuous process improvements and developments we offer our customers and our clients.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never feel that you are being given insufficient efforts; we will make you feel like you’re the only client we have that we’re helping! We have the best and the most experienced set of coaches, trainers, instructors, and consultants in the entire city of Bend, OR.

Through the continuous development and improvement processes we undertake, it’s going to be an easy path for your organization to implement and to integrate the CMMI into your business processes and procedures.

Enjoy a low-cost, affordable, but valuable time in learning and in being skilled and adept in the CMMI standard with IQC – the ISO Professionals! You are just one call away, wherever you are in the city of Bend, from experiencing the best and the highest quality of CMMI Training and Implementation!

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