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The IATF 16949 or the Automotive Standard is one of the best and the most known standards in the ISO book. It’s a standard that enables many companies, businesses, and organizations to have a clearer and better understanding of how the Automotive Industry works.

There are a lot of companies, institutions, and organizations in the Automotive Industry, so a plan and general set of standards might not be effective – and that’s where the importance and the essence of the IATF 16949 come in.

Automotive Core Tools-IQC ISO9001

Automotive Core Tools

If you’re new to the business world, core tools are sets of tools that are considered as a standard in every business industry; the medical industry has one – the same way there are Automotive Core Tools.

The five (5) primary Automotive Core Tools are APQP or the Advanced Product Quality Planning; PPAP or the Product Part Approval Process; FMEA or the Failure Mode Effects Analysis; SPC or the Statistical Process Control; and MSA or the Measurement Systems Analysis.

These core tools are what’s used to be able to make sure that a particular product is durable enough to be a part of the process. Other than that, they’re also the tools used to be able to determine the effectiveness of the business operations.

Building Blocks of the Automotive Industry

Considered as the building blocks of the Automotive Industry, these core tools would never be missing from a company that was able to establish its presence and its overall effectiveness and efficiency in the Automotive Industry.

As a matter of fact, a wide spectrum of Automotive Companies such as manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors utilize one or more of the Automotive Core Tools to simplify and smoothen the business processes and outputs they have.

If you happen to find yourself in the middle of the dilemma, you can bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals; the most trusted and the most recognized Automotive Standards Expert in the entire city of Lakewood, CO.


Automotive Industry Expertise

The team of experts, professionals, and consultants we have under our employ are all skilled and adept in performing whatever services you need in accordance with the Automotive Industry. Our mastery in all the five Core Tools makes it easier for them to trust us, as we’ll not only help them by training them – we’ll also assist in the implementation and the execution of the tools.

IQC – the ISO Professionals will never be the best without the support and the patronization of our clients to our services; we can’t be more thankful than that. We are skilled and determined to initiate the business transformation that you want for your company or for your business.

Dial us and ask for our help and our assistance – we’ll be willing to provide those to you. When you decide that you’ll be working with us, not only will we give you the training for the Core Tools that you need, we will also assist you in implementing it to your business outlooks and business processes.

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