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What would your reaction be if you knew that the food you’re eating is not considered and marked as safe to consume? Would you be confident and comfortable in knowing that information? Or would you prefer to purchase or to buy food and goods from a well-known and reliable company or organization?

The industry is filled with multiple institutions and organizations in the food industry and it’s never a question of how clean a certain company’s products are – instead, it’s a question of how secure or safe your products are.

ISO 22000 is the internationally known standard recognized in the food industry. It provides an extra barrier of assurance to consumers that the food they’re eating contains the nutrients it legitimately has and that when they consume it, they wouldn’t experience any type of problem.

Food Safety ISO 22000-IQC ISO9001

Do You Need an ISO 22000 Certification?

How do you know if your company needs an ISO 22000 Certification? What types of businesses and organizations need this kind and type of Certification? In answering that, it is imperative to understand that it’s not a question of need but rather, it’s not required.

Obtaining an ISO 22000 Certification would not transform your company to be the best – but you can be trusted by many consumers in the market.

The global food chain is in its constant rotation and you entering wouldn’t change any company; but if you have an ISO 22000 Certification, which most companies and businesses don’t, you will gain a competitive advantage.

Proving Safety and Healthy

One of the primary reasons why companies want to implement an ISO 22000 Certification is because of the fact that they need to prove their companies to their clients that they are keeping them healthy and nutritious; that it’s safe for consumption.

Across the entire city of Fort Collins, you can trust and bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals for the ISO 22000 Training & Certification that you need. Never will you be able to find a company that offers the same level and same caliber of services as we do.

The complete understanding we have of the ISO 22000 enables us to provide the best training performances to our clients – and we can assure you that you will be recognized in the entire industry.


Our Founding

Why do you think most organizations consider us as the best? If there are a lot of other companies out in the market, why are we the most trusted? It’s simple – it’s because of the foundation of our company.

Mr. George Hummel, the founder of IQC – the ISO Professionals, has been a part of the team who led the revision and the rewriting of the ISO 9001 or the Quality Standard. Since most of the industry-specific standards comply and conform to ISO 9001, it’s automatic that there’ll only be excellence and conciseness.

Dial us now and get the ISO 22000 Certification that your organization can use as a tool to increase sales and to enhance credibility! Prove to everyone that you care about your consumers’ safety!

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