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Conducting Documentation or Desk Audits is one of the most efficient and most effective ways in making sure that all your employees are happy and contented in working within your company or your organization. It’s a way of showing your staff members that you care about what they think and that you’re willing to compromise with them with what their desires are.

A Desk Audit is a type of Audit that usually occurs within a company or an organization. It involves both the employer and the employee and it’s a way to weigh and determine whether an employee is getting paid right, or if adjustments are needed to be made.

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What Are Documentation Audits?

So what is a Documentation Audit? What’s in it that can help employees and workers get what they want or what they’re asking for? In its simplest terms, a Desk Audit is the type of Audit that is conducted by what’s known as a Compensation Analyst or Auditor – you now might have the idea of what it is.

It’s an Audit in which it gives employees the opportunity to be able to express what their thoughts and opinions are about the salary or the compensation they’re receiving. Apart from that, it’s also one way to determine if an employee needs to be at a higher job post or position.

Small to Significant Changes

Some experts believe that employees do not have the authority to request a Documentation or a Desk Audit. On the contrary, any Desk or Documentation Audit can be initiated either by the employee or the employer.

Desk Audits do not have a particular weight or intensity needed – it can involve small to medium to significant and dramatic changes and there’s never going to be an instance where it’ll require a minimum amount of change.

The fact that it can be initiated by either the employee or the employer, it doesn’t need to have minimum requirements.


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