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Whether you’re in the commercial industry, or if you are in any other industry under the supply chain, we’re sure that you have thought of checking and evaluating your suppliers at least once in your experience. The importance and the relevance of assessing your suppliers go more than just checking what they’re capable of producing to provide to you and your business. It’s not just the simple way of determining whether or not the quality of the products and the services you’ll receive is up to your expectations.

Under the Supply Chain Standard or also known as the ISO 28000, companies and organizations would get the specifications they need for the Security Management Systems that they have in accordance with the quality and the efficiency of the Supply Chain.

Supply Chain ISO 28000-IQC ISO9001

What is a Supply Chain?

In its simplest words, a supply chain is a network or a web of connections between one company and a supplier or its chain of suppliers. The supply chain is the avenue in which a business or an organization is enabled to sell and to provide the products and the services needed by their market or their clients.

The essence of the ISO 28000 is to help companies and organizations address the requirements they look for within a supply chain; from the quality of the products and services, to how they’re provided, delivered, and how they continuously supply their clients.

In the event that you find yourself in the same dilemma and your business is operational anywhere here in the state of Delaware, remember that we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals are ready and prepared to help you with whatever you need as regards the Supply Chain Standard or the ISO 28000.

Complete and Comprehensive Rules and Regulations

There are a lot of companies and organizations under this very problem and for them, the solution is to work immediately without thinking or considering the level of proficiency that their auditing organizations have.

When you decide to go with us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you can expect to receive the most complex and complete methods, policies, and procedures in the Supply Chain industry per the ISO 28000 Standard.


Our Unique Approach

IQC – the ISO Professionals Is the single company that many corporations and organizations trust when it comes to a wide spectrum of ISO Standards. Because of this, we’ve been crowned as the most dependable, the most reliable, and the most technical out of all the competition in the industry.

You can trust and count on us the same way our previous clients have – and we will always work harder in order for us to exceed whatever you’re expecting of us. Wherever you are in the state of Delaware and whatever business industry you are in; should you need urgent and professional help regarding the Supply Chain, IQC – the ISO Professionals is just a message and a call away.

Work with the best without spending a fortune on it! Trust us with how you want your standards to be implemented!

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