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Defining Asset Management

If you are not in the know, Asset Management is the service or the process in which a company or an organization would do necessary things and activities that would help them in terms of managing, properly handling, and in keeping track of all their assets and resources.

More often than not, the resources that are evaluated, assessed – or managed, are those with extreme value to the company. Businesses of all kinds and types would benefit from an Asset Management standard and it’s just how it goes.

Imagine being able to control your assets to the extent that you’ll have visibility of how far its lifespan is; visibility in terms of how it can be used and utilized for it to be more effective and productive, and so on.

Because of the importance and the relevance of Asset Management to the lives and the experiences of businesses and organizations, the ISO 55001 or the Asset Management Standard has been created and published.

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

What is the ISO 55001?

By carefully looking at and studying what the ISO 55001 is, it is the standard that talks about and sets the guidelines, policies, rules, regulations, and practices that companies and organizations of all kinds need to perform in order for them to appropriately manage their assets.

Whatever business industry or sector you are in, if you know or if you have the slightest idea of your organization needing help and assistance, then implementing the ISO 55001 into your company or your business would be relevant.

Should you be on the prowl for the best and the most efficient organization that can help you with an Asset Management Standard, you can count and bank on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

Across the entire plain of West Valley City, we are the most trusted and the most loved company – not only because of the quality of our services, but also because of the in-depth and the thorough mastery and excellence that our consultants and our coaches have.


Work With Us to Get These Benefits

What are the general benefits and advantages you can get with the Asset Management Standard? How would your business or organization benefit from it? Some of the benefits of transforming your business to be compliant with ISO 55001 includes:

  • Reduction of operational costs because of the extension of the lifecycle of assets;
  • Provision of the structure of the framework for the management and the monitoring of suppliers’ performance;
  • Development of a central plan of a preventative maintenance system that would help in the mitigation of risk that would affect the lifecycle of an asset; and
  • Many more

Herewith us IQC – the ISO Professionals, you wouldn’t be able to find any type of negative aspect about how you can be given and provided the best and the highest quality of ISO 55001 Training and Implementation.

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