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Through the Responsible Care (RC) 14001 standard, companies, businesses, institutions, and organizations would get the chance and the opportunity to implement and to establish a management system that would help, assist, and guide them in conforming well and comprehensively to the guidelines set forth by the ISO 14001.

In case you are not aware of any of these things, the Responsible Care 14001 standard is the specific standard that talks about the behavior and the processes involved in an organization in the Chemical Setting. To further and to deeply understand it more – let us define what RC 14001 is.

Environmental ISO 14001-IQC ISO9001

What is the RC 14001?

The RC 14001 is the standard that has been established, created, and developed by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) for the purpose of exhibiting the urge to care and to properly nurture the environment.

Based on the ISO 14001 standard or the standard that sets forth guidelines in creating and abiding by the Environmental Management System (EnMS), its objectives and goals don’t fall far from one another.

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For years, we’ve done nothing but provide our clients and our customers with the best and the highest quality of RC 14001 Training & Implementation – not just to help them conform and comply to the standard, but to ensure their assistance and their help to the environment.

Responsible Care Management Systems (RCMS)

The RCMS is the body of the organization that transforms the ISO 14001 into something specific and their main goal is to simplify and to provide a better and more reliable set of tools, processes, and procedures that would implement and assure the market of better and more productive output.


RC 14001 and ISO 14001

The RC 14001 is based on the ISO 14001 Standard, which is the international and globally recognized standard that is considered to be the most careful and the most robust approach in protecting and nurturing the environment.

With the ISO 14001, companies, businesses, and other organizations would seek the distance to develop and to properly and appropriately implement and integrate policies to help them attain and achieve business practices and processes that would help in the sustenance of the environment.

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