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In further understanding and comprehending what the ISO 14001 is, it simply is the international standard that establishes the objectives, principles, and the set of guidelines that businesses, companies, and organizations need to follow and observe for them to be able to design business processes that would be overall beneficial and advantageous to the environment.

The ISO 14001 is the standard that is let out and is made intentionally to serve as the benchmark of businesses in implementing rules, regulations, and guidelines on how organizations must care for the environment.

Environmental ISO 14001-IQC ISO9001

Taking Care of Our Environment

The main purpose of the ISO 14001 standard is for companies, businesses, and organizations to implement and establish an Environment Management System or an EnMS so that their plans of how they plan on caring for the environment is already laid and planned out.

Through this system, it’s going to be easy for them to follow and to observe the practices that they need to have for a better and more efficient and effective time in the market.

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For All Types of Businesses

Most people, even businesses and organizations have the misconception that the ISO 14001 is a standard that is only going to be applicable to businesses and organizations whose business processes and operations involve the environment.

For instance, it would only be applicable to businesses that cut lumber; those that plant trees; those that nurture and cultivate the land, and so on. However, it is actually a generic standard and is applicable to all types of businesses of shapes and sizes.

If you happen to be a business owner and your operations involve manufacturing a certain product or part – it’s applicable to you; if you are a business executive or owner in the Automotive Industry, you can benefit from it well.


Why Implement ISO 14001 to Your Organization?

If you’ve already been thinking about implementing it to your business or your organization, why do so? How would it be able to help and assist you and your organization? What are the advantages and the benefits that it can give and provide you?

Some of the most notable and the most sought after advantages include:

  • Control of operational costs and expenses
  • Better and more reliable image and trustworthiness
  • Establishing and developing a culture of continuous development and improvement
  • Engagement and involvement of your people and your business partners, stakeholders, and business associates
  • And others!

The implementation of ISO 14001 is not only for the benefit of the environment – it can be a full swing of assistance and benefit for your company or your organization too! Talk to us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals today and get the assistance and the services you need instantly!

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