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The Chemical and the Experimentation industry is one of the most sensitive, the most requiring, and the most hazardous industries of all because not being able to abide by-laws, rules, and regulations do not necessarily mean sanctions, corrective action, or penalties – it can also have adverse effects on the environment and even the health and the well-being of the people involved.

Through the Responsible Care (RC) 14001 standard, the performance, and the overall procedures and processes done and accomplished by companies, businesses, and organizations in the Chemical Industry are fully enhanced and developed to create a safer and more environmental-friendly environment in the industry.

Responsible Care RC 14001-IQC ISO9001

Understanding the RC 14001

In case you’re not aware of it, the RC 14001 is the standard that efficiently and effectively enables businesses, companies, and organizations to establish, design, and develop a Quality Management System or a QMS that would help with their compliance and conformance.

Implementing and integrating the RC 14001 Standard into your business or your organization would highly be effective and efficient in ensuring that your business processes and your procedures follow the most appropriate and the most formal structures and frameworks.

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Plan, Do Check, Act (PDCA)

Since the RC 14001 standard is a standard that is based on ISO 14001, it follows the PDCA or the Plan – Do – Check – Act framework which will be advantageous and beneficial for companies, businesses, and organizations.


In this phase or step, all companies and businesses would be needed to assess and evaluate the hazards, dangers, and risks that would be involved in complying with the RC 14001 standard. This is where organizations can establish goals and objectives, perform gap analyses, and so on.


The DO or the “Implementation” phase is where companies’ leaders would communicate what their duties and responsibilities are and also the part where documentation, records, and track progress are going to be established and drafted.


This phase is where the organization highlights whatever they found out or detected wrong or misleading in their business process. They would set corrective action for it and would be the reason for the business’s internal audit or self-assessment.



Once everything is done, the company would then act and execute the plans that have been formed early on during the PLAN stage. From then on, they will be able to have a plan that is solid, concrete, and free from any type of inconsistency.

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