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ISO 14001, or more commonly known as the Environmental Management System (EMS) standard, is the standard that is globally and internationally recognized as the standard for conserving and preserving the environment.

Taking care of our environment has always been a big issue, especially with companies and businesses that are involved and completely engaged in it. As a matter of fact, part of the most recognized benefits of implementing the ISO 14001 Standard to your business or your organization includes the global recognition of caring for our environment.

Environmental ISO 14001-IQC ISO9001

ISO 14001 Clauses and Sections

If we were to look at the EMS Standard or the ISO 14001 Standard closely, we will see that it’s actually divided into ten (10) parts and clauses – and among the most important and the most relevant clauses or parts include:

  • Section 4: Context of the Organization
  • Section 5: Leadership
  • Section 6: Planning
  • Section 7: Support
  • Section 8: Operation
  • Section 9: Performance Evaluation
  • Section 10: Improvement

All of these would be tackled in-depth and accordingly when you choose us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, the best and the most skilled ISO-certified company or organization in the entire city of Waukegan.

Pros of Implementing ISO 14001

If you are a company and your business includes anything in relation to the environment, being trained and certified, as well as implementing the EMS standard to your business operations and processes can open tons of benefits, which include:

People Engagement and Involvement

Through the implementation of the EMS Standard, you will be able to engage your employees effectively and efficiently. By doing so, you can optimize work behavior and skills, causing everything to be done sufficiently and with quality. Therefore, you conserve and preserve the environment.

Continuous Improvement and Development

The development and implementation of the ISO 14001 can aid and assist all companies and organizations with the continuous improvement and development that they can have. Working efficiently and productively helps in the preservation and the conservation of the environment – which is everything the ISO 14001 is all about.


Better Company Image

If you are in the retail or the commercial business, what do you think people’s reactions would be if they see that you are an ISO 14001 Certified company? Other than the fact that they’ll be aware of the business practices you have, they would also have the idea that everything you do – from your business processes, rules, and regulations, would be all for the benefit of the environment.

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