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Multiple standards towards food safety have been implemented and published for the purpose of helping out companies, businesses, and organizations in terms of securing the products they produce for the market and their clients.

If your business is, in any way, in relation to the food business industry, securing an ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Standard is one of the fewest, but most effective ways of keeping your credibility and your image as an efficient supplier in the food supply chain.

Food Safety ISO 22000-IQC ISO9001

What is the ISO 22000?

In case you’re not in the know, the ISO 22000 is the newest and the most recent food standard published with the hopes of providing peace of mind to consumers and to the market. ISO 22000 is just one of the few standards that mix up and combine many elements of various standards to supplement its growth and its effectiveness.

The main purpose of ISO 22000 is to provide a robust structure and an effective framework of systems and processes for businesses in the food industry. No matter what your position is in the food supply chain, and whether you’re a distributor, a retailer, a farmer, or a manufacturer, an ISO 22000 Certification can improve and develop your business.

In What Ways Can ISO 22000 Help You?

How can this particular standard help businesses out? What are the most common things it can assist your business or your organization with? Here are some of the benefits businesses and organizations can have should they choose to be certified against the ISO 22000:

  • Optimization of resources
  • More trust from investors, shareholders, and clients
  • Win new businesses
  • Lower risks and lower costs
  • The decrease in food safety accidents and incidents
  • International trade
  • Food safety performance sustainability
  • Enhanced and developed overall performance

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Is ISO 22000 the Same as Ethical Sourcing?

Many people get confused about the two, when in reality, they are a lot different. ISO 22000 focuses on improving ad developing business processes of organizations in the food chain; SQF or the Safe Quality Food Ethical Sourcing Process, on the other hand looks more on the side of ensuring that businesses and organizations within the food supply chain are ethical and trustworthy.

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