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Through the ISO 19011 or the standard aimed to provide help and assistance to companies and organizations that want to establish a specific standard establishing an Auditing Management System or the AMS, businesses, companies, and organizations that want to establish a specific standard could have a competitive edge.

The purpose of the ISO 19011 standard is to be able to define and establish guidelines, rules, regulations, and policies for the implementation of an AMS – it aims to help and aid organizations and institutions toward successfully implementing and integrating and AMS to their business processes and operations.

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Detailed View of ISO 19011

Being one of the most prominent and the most taken standards by a wide range and spectrum of business types and industries, it’s a common and a normal standard all companies and organizations should have knowledge on.

Because it provides information about how an audit should regularly and usually be programmed and done – it’s one of the many standards that would be able to develop and enhance the customer satisfaction and customer experience your company provides its clients.

Across the entire city of Rochester, MN, no other company is capable and skilled in providing the most thorough and detailed ISO 19011 Training and Implementation processes and services than us at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

When you work with other companies, they might be able to push you to achieve and obtain certification urgently, even when it’s not necessary; with us, however, we wouldn’t force you with anything but our focus is directed towards how we can educate and teach you in terms of how you can successfully and effectively implement it.  

Who Needs ISO 19011?

In case you’re wondering who is applicable to implement and to apply the famous and the effective ISO 19011 Standard to their businesses and organizations, it can actually be taken and implemented by many, if not all businesses in the entire business chain.

All types of industries and businesses can apply it, so long as they’re managing a specific ISO program because all the rules, regulations, policies, and applications in the particular ISO is necessary


What You Get With ISO 19011?

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we wouldn’t just help you in terms of how you can learn and be knowledgeable about the particular ISO, we would also assist you with how you can implement it.

Some of the most important and the most essential things you can learn upon implementation include:

  • Definition of the objectives of the program
  • Mastery and excellence in arranging and scheduling audits
  • Determining the points of criteria
  • Completion of the audits
  • Planning and reviewing the documents created internally
  • And many more!

You can’t compare the quality and the overall competency our company has over its competitors – IQC – the ISO Professionals is different and unique and you will never feel short of the knowledge and the skills we are capable of imparting to your business or your organization.

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