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Have you ever considered implementing a specific standard for your company or your organization that would help in the overall process of monitoring and managing the resources and the assets of your company or your organization?

The ISO 55001 Standard, more commonly known as the Asset Management Standard, is one of the few and effective ways of properly caring for your assets.

By carefully looking after and managing your company’s assets and resources you’re preparing them in terms of improving and developing their lifecycles. With that, Asset Management, it’s going to be easy and simple for a company or for an organization to monitor and check their assets’ major and primary competencies. Before we get to that further and deeper, let’s first discuss the major key points of what Asset Management is.

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

Defining an Asset

For a company or an organization, an asset is a term or any type of resource controlled and that circumscribes any type of economic resource. It can be anything from people, physical or digital property, vehicle, any type of technology, financial properties, and many more.

Everything that can be transfigured into something valuable is considered an asset. Technically speaking, financial companies aren’t the only types of organizations that utilize asset management per se.

That being said, financial corporations and organizations can also make use of the ISO 55001 for them to have a proper and appropriate asset management system.

Who Uses ISO 55001

Generally speaking, the ISO 55001 standard is something that all companies and organizations can utilize – from those engaged and involved when it comes to the designing, establishment, as well as the dispersion of the factors of the standard.

Whatever business industry you’re in and no matter how big, small, or diverse your company or organization is – you can consider the ISO 55001 as something that you can utilize effectively and efficiently.


Implementing ISO 55001

You may be knowledgeable and skilled about how the ISO 55001 standard works, and you may have an idea or two about what it is – but are you adept in terms of how you can implement and execute it to your specific business?

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never question the capabilities and the competencies that we have in terms of training and education on how you can effectively implement it to your company or your organization.

From the littlest of details that it can provide, up to the overall effectiveness and productivity you can have with it, our team of coaches, instructors, and trainers will help you comprehend and understand it better.

Implement and integrate the ISO 55001 standard properly and efficiently into your business operations and processes. Work with the best company or organization in the city of Minneapolis and be free from your constant worry of not being able to integrate it efficiently and effectively.

Talk to us today or send us an email of the concern and the queries you have! Work with IQC – the ISO Professionals and master the ISO 55001 Implementation!

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