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Do you yearn and wish to work with a company that can provide you a complex and a comprehensive approach of the Pre-Assessment Audits that your company or your organization needs?

Among the many different types of Audits your company or organization can do and perform, the Pre-Assessment Audit remains to be one of the most essential, but the most disregarded. The reason why is because many people, including business and company owners don’t put too much thought in it.

But what are Pre-Assessment Audits that it’s considered as one of the most relevant and essential? But firstly, do you know what a Pre-Assessment Audit is?

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

Defining What Pre-Assessment Audits Are

In case you grew curious as to what a Pre-Assessment Audit is, it can simply be defined as the type of audit performed as some type of practice for a company before they can get and be performed a Certification Audit.

Furthermore, Pre-Assessment Audits serve as some type of free pass for companies; some type of training that can serve as a training and a breeding ground for their policies, rules, regulations, and even services to see if they’re able and capable of the certification they need.

How Auditors Perform Pre-Assessment Audits

In case you’re not sure what it’s for, we need to think that it’s nothing more than a practice or the Certification Audit that your company or organization can be approved of. Everything is included and involved in it.

Though, it may have other types of little details not included or included, the main purpose of it is to check and to certify if a company is ready to undergo the Certification Audit.


Most Recognized Pre-Assessment Auditors in Maple Grove

Wherever you may be in the entire city of Maple Grove, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Our organization or institution has been one, if not the most prominent and recognized in the ISO world – and it’s all because of the never-ending improvement and development we integrate into our business processes and procedures.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you wouldn’t be able to experience failure or any negativity. Should your Pre-Assessment Audit result in something that would absolutely not pass a real Certification Audit, we would issue Corrective Action so you have the chance and the opportunity to correct and improve the inconsistencies you have in your business.


Who Pre-Assessment Audits Are For

How would you know if you need a Pre-Assessment Audit? Is it only exclusive to companies, businesses, and organizations scheduled to undergo the real and the comprehensive Certification Audit?

Absolutely not! Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, we recommend a Pre-Assessment Audit to organizations and businesses that:

  • Want or need to come up with a system or a process that would help them in documenting and controlling their Quality Management Systems (QMS);
  • Are developing, growing, and expanding – those that need further evaluation; and
  • Are trying to locate various solutions that are particular to various standards and requirements

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