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Before the ISO, International Standards were initiated and published by the British Standards Institution, more commonly known and referred to as the BSI. For instance, one of the most common and the most sought-after standards they‘ve had was the Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 55 which is directed towards how companies and organizations can integrate asset management standards and requirements.

Since the adaptation, the ISO worked on the particular document for over a decade, and finally, the ISO 55000 family has been born; and along with it were its three (3) other core documents namely: ISO 55000, ISO 55001, and the ISO 55002.

2014 was the year of the release of the first ISO 55001 version and its first official update was in 2018 – where it put emphasis and focus on how businesses and organizations outline their best practices for standard Implementation.

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, in the event that you will need help in terms of how you can be given the best and the most appropriate ISO 55001 Training and Certification, you can very well count on us.

Asset Management ISO 55001-IQC ISO9001

Application of ISO 55001

How do you think companies, businesses, and organizations apply this particular standard to their businesses and institutions? How are they able to improve and further develop the Asset Management Standard and Classification that they have?

Based on the definition, all businesses that have any type of property, resource, or asset would benefit from the ISO 55001 for the reason of it being focused on the management and the proper care of assets.


Benefits of ISO 55001

Should you bear the interest of working with us, IQC – the ISO Professionals will always be open to all types of concerns and queries you may have with the standard, as well as how you can implement and execute it effectively and efficiently.

The general benefits of ISO 55001 Implementation include:

  • Reduction of operational costs by properly utilizing assets and resources;
  • Enabling better and more developed planning for capital resources, expenses, and assets;
  • Create and establish a structure when it comes to the observance and monitoring of your contractors’ and suppliers’ performance;
  • Develop a better, safer, and more organized way of distributing and identifying assets and resources for your company; and
  • Many more!

ISO 55001, when you look at it deeper and better, is not only applicable and effective for the benefit of companies and businesses – it helps out consumers too! Through Asset Management, businesses can give the market the assurance that everything that they produce and procure is of high quality.

With IQC – the ISO Professionals, the quality of our work is never scathed – we’re even deemed and considered by many as their go-to institution for all of their ISO needs and requirements.

You can bank and count on us the same way over 3,500 companies and organizations have. Be one of our clients and get the chance to experience the best and the cleanest of all ISO 55001 Training and Implementation Services!

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