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Do you own a business or an organization in the forest sector? Are you a brand owner of a company or an institution engaged and involved in forestry? The Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI) is one of the standards that you might want to think of having.

SFI is an organization that operates and works best with businesses in the forest sector, landowners, local communities, and even resource professionals for the improvement and he development of forestry.

Forestry SFI ATFS-IQC ISO9001

Do You Need to Pursue an SFI Certification?

What if you are just a retailer or a distributor? or what if you’re not into the business of it – would being SFI certify help me in any way? Definitely! Achieving an SFI Certification would allow your business or your organization to have a better view of the business you’re doing.

Companies and organizations that can benefit well from an SFI Certification include:

  • Companies and organizations that wish to increase their market and customer reach;
  • Companies and organizations that want to prove their competency and their level of proficiency; and
  • Companies and organizations who want to showcase their responsibility and their skill in improving and developing the quality of products;

Benefits of SFI Certification

In case you’re still left in the bubble of confusion, here are some of the benefits and the advantages of implementing or certifying your company in the SFI Standard:

  • Develop and improve the quality of the products you provide
  • Give consumers the peace of mind that your products have been ethically sourced
  • Demonstrate your overall responsibility
  • Increase and enhance the cash flow or the profitability of your business
  • And many more!

Here at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will never be shorted of the information, knowledge, and skills you can gain when you allow us to help you in your journey. Our experience in the industry led us to be the best, the most sought after, and the most wanted company in the entire Pearl City.


Why Choose Us?

Mr. George Hummel, the founder of IQC – the ISO Professionals, is known and is nationally recognized as one of the people tasked to improve and rewrite the ISO 9001 as well as the ISO 19011. He is the person who trains all our consultants, auditors, coaches, and instructors so you never have to think about the effectiveness and the efficiency of our services.

From those points alone, it’s already notable that we’re the best institution or organization that can help you in achieving, obtaining, or getting that SFI Certification that you want and you need for your company. Do you want to know more about the SFI Certification we offer? Are you growing more curious about the unique approach we have? Contact us via our hotline to speak directly with our team; or, you can also send us an email specifying what you want and need.

Work with the best and never worry about how you can get the SFI Certification that would boost your business’s credibility!

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