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Being a company or an organization in the Aviation, Space & Defense (AS&D) industry is a remarkable privilege – but it can be a pain in the neck at the same time. The Aerospace Industry is so crucial and vital to the point that everything needs to be on point – from the services and processes, the materials and the elements, down to the assembly of it, everything needs to fall into place perfectly.

One of the standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineering or (SAE) is the standard that is designed to help and assist companies and businesses to acquire and receive fraudulent products and knockoffs – and it is the AS6081 standard.

Counterfeits AS6081-IQC ISO9001

Dangers of Using Counterfeits and Fake Products

Today, it’s inevitable that many companies and businesses would receive counterfeits and fakes because of the rise of it in many parts of the world. However, through the SAE Standard for Counterfeits or the AS6081, businesses and companies would be given the chance and the opportunity to be able to distinguish it.

The publication of the AS6081 has been so relevant and essential to businesses and companies in the Aerospace Industry that it’s the only globally and internationally recognized standard that would counter the receiving of fakes and knockoffs in the Aerospace industry.

AS5553 and AS6081

If you would look up both standards, you will find that they’re almost the same. However, they’re not. Looking at it closely, you will see that the AS6081 standard has a more prescriptive method of avoiding counterfeit and fake parts – and it’s more directed towards getting and sourcing from individual retailers and distributors.

Recognizing counterfeits is not an easy task. Instead, it’s a task that requires a lot of experience and a keen eye on detail – and that’s what we here at IQC – the ISO Professionals will be helping you with.

Having helped more than 3,500 companies and organizations in our experience, you will never have a hard or challenging time working with us. We’ve provided all our clients with the same level of proficiency we have – and it keeps on improving and developing over time.


Benefits of Working With Us

In case you want to know the different advantages you can have when you work with us, here are some of the most notable and the most common advantages you can get:

  • You can be assured of the quality of the products you source
  • Better and easier time in the market
  • Improved business systems and processes
  • Enhanced and developed trust from clients and investors
  • Less risks involved in the business process
  • Reduced costs and expenses
  • And many more

At IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will not just gain the AS6081 Certification that you need, you will also learn the ins and outs of the specific business industry you’re in. Work with the best company in the entire city of Kahului and never worry about how you can get Trained and Certified in the most legitimate and appropriate ways possible.

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