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The industry of weapons, body armor, as well as other defense products and articles have risen rapidly within the past couple of years – and this was when the Body Armor Standard, also more known as the BA 9000 has been established and published.

BA 9000 is the standard that has been published by the National Institute of Justice or the NIJ to address the need of checking, evaluating, and assessing the quality and the overall safety of the Body Armor products and articles produced, distributed, and sold in the market.

Body Armor BA 9000-IQC ISO9001

BA 9000 Development

Released in January of 2012, the BA 9000 is the standard that goes along with the Quality Standard, or the ISO 9001. In simpler terms, companies, and organizations in the industry of manufacturing, creation, development, and assembly of Body Armor need to comply with the standards of the ISO 9001 as well as the BA 9000 respectively.

It is important or imperative to note that Certification for BA 9000 has never been required or mandated by law. Meaning, companies can operate without having a BA 9000 certification. However, being BA 9000 Certified can do and incur a lot of positive insights and outlooks for your company, some of which include:

Competitive Edge and Advantage

Imagine working with a company, say, a retailer, a manufacturer, a distributor, or an assembly company that doesn’t have certification – what would you feel? Compare that to working with some organization that has a BA 9000 Certification, wouldn’t you feel safer and better when you work with them?

Showcasing the Understanding of the Standard

To all companies and organizations in the Body Armor and defense industry, gaining the certification not only increases your chances of being known, but you’re also showcasing your mastery of the standard inevitably.

Decreased Testing Volume

By carefully following and abiding by the BA 9000 Standards and Requirements, your company can expect to have lessened testing – more often reduced by half without incurring penalties and any types of risk in the business process or system.


Getting BA 9000 Certification

So do you get a BA 9000 Certification from the NIJ? How does the Certification process work? Who can you trust? You don’t get your certification from the NIJ – they’re just the organization that established it.

Herewith us at IQC – the ISO Professionals, you will not only get the BA 9000 Certification that you need, but we will also give you an opportunity to work with some of the most notable auditors, instructors, and coaches in the Body Armor and defense-related industries.

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