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Mililani Town is among the most popular cities in the entire state of Hawaii and it’s home to a lot of businesses in the food industry. With the number of food businesses in Mililani Town, it’s hard and challenging to get and arrive at the best source especially if you are a part of the food supply chain too.

The Food Safety Modernization Act or the FSMA is the act that completely changed the food industry in terms of running and managing the safety and the precautionary measures that went along with it.

Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA-IQC ISO9001

Establishment of the FSMA

Many people believe that the FSMA is an act that is published and established by a third party organization – and that the publisher has a nearer range to the ISO than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

However, they’re wrong – in fact, it was an establishment and the development of the FDA to help companies and organizations out in determining certain rules, regulations, and policies in the harvesting, manufacturing, retailing, and the distribution of food and beverages.

FSMA’s Seven (7) Major Rules

Other than the thought of being existent, the FSMA exhibited seven (7) major rules which translate into specific and particular actions that organizations that are a part of the food supply chain need to abide by.

The seven (7) rules include:

  1. Produce Safety
  2. Preventive Controls for Human Food
  3. Preventive Controls for Animal Food
  4. Intentional Adulteration or the Food Defense
  5. Third-Party Certification
  6. Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  7. Sanitary Transportation

All of these have their own requirements and specifications that can be useful and beneficial for their business. So, in case you want to expound your knowledge on what the FSMA is, how it works, and how it’s able to help and assist companies and organizations, you can bank and count on us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals.

We are the institution skilled and capable of providing a whole wide range of services for our clients in the food business industry, regardless of their business type, their location, their position in the food supply chain, and the size of their business.


Why We’re Different

You might be wondering, how did we become the best in the industry if all of the things we offer are things that other companies and organizations can? How did we become a specialized company to the extent that many of our companies and our businesses (who are our clients) trust only us?

There are a lot of reasons for how we became the best and the most trusted – but here are some of the most common notions and reasons that we are given:

  • Our rates are low if put against the type of service our clients receive
  • We never leave all our clients alone on their own – we guide them all along
  • Our team of experts, auditors, and consultants are all skilled and experienced
  • We will help you standardize your processes neatly and comprehensively
  • And many more

Dial us now here at IQC – the ISO Professionals and enjoy world-class quality services!

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