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If you’re new to the world of business, then the term Pre-Assessment Audits might sound unfamiliar to you. If so, don’t worry – you are not alone. A lot of businesses, companies, and organizations are not aware of it and it’s normal. It isn’t something that you will learn when you start either.

However, knowing what it is can help you boost and develop your company’s position easily as it involves having an ISO Certification. So what is a Pre-Assessment Audit? What are the things that make it an important part of the Certification process?

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

Pre-Assessment Audits: What are They?

It may sound obvious to you but at the same time, you might think of it as something that you’re not sure of. What is a Pre-Assessment Audit? A Pre-Assessment Audit is a type of audit that many companies and organizations consider as a practice for the real and the legitimate Certification Audit they will have.

What it can do for your company is that it can serve as a preparation for getting and obtaining the Certification that you need.

More often than not, Pre-Assessment Audits would be a full-on type of audit that would check and assess every corner of a company to see if noncompliance and nonconformance it present. Should auditors see that there are things your company or your organization needs to improve, then it’s going to be up for corrective action.

Is a Pre-Assessment Service Right For Your Business?

How can Pre-Assessment Audits be beneficial for your company or your organization? Other than the fact that it can help a company or a business prepare – what other advantages can it offer?

Easy Identification of Inconsistencies

By conducting a Pre-Assessment Audit, you will be able to find whatever your company or your business lacks early, enabling your operations to be more systematized. By identifying and uncovering problems earlier, you will be able to adjust better to the situation.


Focus on Resources and Company Assets

Pre-Assessment Audits would allow your business or your company to focus more on the assets and the resources you have, mitigating the risks involved. Not only that, with this focus, you can be given the assurance that your profitability or your cash flow will be better and more developed.


Avoid Irrelevant and Unnecessary Costs

One of the main focuses of Pre-Assessment Audits is the fact that you will be able to avoid all unnecessary costs and expenses that your company has, clearing the pathway for a better and more profitable business.

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