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Understanding to a full extent the benefits of performing or conducting a Pre-Assessment audit for your company or your organization can be the only thing you need to assure you that you will pass your Certification Audit – and we mean the real and the official one.

Through a Pre-Assessment Audit, your organization or your company can skip all the bad and the negative vibes of failure because of the chance that Pre-Assessment Audits gives and provides – that you will be able to pass and be certified against the standard you look to be certified under.

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

All About Pre-Assessment Audits

What do you want to know about Pre-Assessment Audits? From your point-of-view, how does it help companies, businesses, and organizations? A Pre-Assessment Audit is just one of the many types of audits that are not required but would have drastic favorable impacts on a company or an organization if done and conducted properly.

Akin to how a Certification Audit is done and completed, a Pre-Assessment Audit is a procedure or a process that would explore everything within a particular or a specific company or organization. From the way, they perform services, processes, and procedures, to how they comply and conform to specific requirements, policies, standards, and the like.

In its simplest terms, a Pre-Assessment Audit is an audit that follows the same structure as that of the original and the official Certification Audit – it’s just that it’s not required and it’s considered as a practice type of audit.

Do You Need a Pre-Assessment Audit?

Since it’s not a requirement, the answer to this would generally be “NO.” Not all companies and organizations would be willing to conduct a practice audit for their company or their organization – not even if it’s something that can help them be given the assurance that they’ll pass.

In most cases, a Pre-Assessment Audit would not be required and therefore, it’s not needed to be taken by all companies and organizations in various sectors and industries.


Who Can Conduct a Pre-Assessment Audit?

Here in the city of Mitchell, South Dakota (SD), no other company or organization can be trusted when it comes to a whole wide range and spectrum of Audits but us at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Among our competitors, we have been deemed and looked at by many clients and organizations as their go-to company for all the auditing services they need.

Our procedure in doing and performing Pre-Assessment Audits are far different from how other businesses and companies do it. We start it out by collecting and gathering all data that would be useful and beneficial for the process – of course, from both your supplier and your organization.

We would then be creating a checklist of all the things that we would be assessing and evaluating so we have a base or a standpoint of what’s needed to be done. From there, we would carry on with the process and we would be conducting your needed Pre-Assessment Audits.

Talk to us today and never worry about how you can get the best and the highest quality of Pre-Assessment Audits in the city of Mitchell!

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