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Getting Pre-Assessed does not necessarily have something to do with the real and the legitimate Certification that you can get against a standard that your company or your organization is applicable to get.

In simpler terms, Pre-Assessment Audits are never a requirement for a company or for an organization no matter how big, small, or how old a particular company or organization is. But why do companies and organizations get Pre-Assessment Audits? What is it with Pre-Assessment Audits that are so dear and essential to them?

Before we go over that, let us try to dissect what a Pre-Assessment Audit is first because, from that alone, we would have clues on why it’s important as many businesses think of it to be.

Pre-Assessment Audits-IQC ISO9001

Pre-Assessment Audits: Explained

Pre-Assessment Audits are considered and known to be “Practice Audits” wherein a company or an organization is given the opportunity to look at what their processes are and how they can improve it to prepare for the Certification Audit.

It’s like a mock audit but everything that will happen and transpire in a real Certification Audit will be done and carried out in the Pre-Assessment Audits as well. 

Benefits of Conducting Pre-Assessment Audits

Some of the most common and the most widely seen reasons why Pre-Assessment Audits are considered relevant include:

  • Helps in the identification and the straightening of all non-compliant and non-conforming activities and processes;
  • Provides relevant and essential information to the company or the organization about the improvements they can make and adjust to;
  • Enables your company to have an aerial view of how the business or the organization is behaving and how it’s abiding by certain rules and regulations; and
  • Many more!

It’s not required – and that’s primarily one of the reasons why only a few companies and organizations do it. However, wouldn’t be too much of a hassle if you don’t pass the real Certification Audit right away?

With a Pre-Assessment Audit, businesses and organizations can have a chance to straighten everything out without incurring serious sanctions and penalties!


Who Can Perform Pre-Assessment Audits?

For all the types of audits you might need, you can absolutely put your trust in us here at IQC – the ISO Professionals. Wherever you are in the city of Brookings, and no matter how difficult or how challenging it might be for us and our auditors, you can have our word that we will work and exert extra efforts in helping you or your organization get the audits that you need.

To iterate, it doesn’t matter if you have 1,000 employees or just 1 employee – and it’s not a big deal if your business just started a few months back or if it has been established decades ago. Pre-Assessment Audits are among the many different types of audits considered to be useful but not required.

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